5 Tips for Traveling Abroad During Recession 


Traveling with family is fun, and when one gets to save immensely while vacationing, the holidays get better. The summers are here and in full swing. Kids want a break, your wife needs one too and so do you. This is a familiar situation across all households, and yours too, isn’t it? You decide on the vacation plans, but what leads you to worry about the whole thing, is the cost.

There are ways by which you could enjoy vacationing with your family, without having to rip your wallets apart. Today we would like to provide you with tips on how to maximize this plan for cheap. Hence, please read on and be well informed for the same.

Check online for deals

It would be very wise for you to speak with at least four to five travel agencies, tour operators or vacation houses online. By doing so, they would provide you with all the answers, costs and options for a lovely vacation. Once you get free quotes and options from them, sit with your family and decide on the vacation package you would like to use. This would allow you to compare prices that best suits your pocket, and also bring in the most awesome vacationing experience too.

Shop and buy travel insurance


It’s just a vacation and that too for a month; this is what we all say isn’t it? Think about those non-refundable flight tickets, what if you miss a long hauled flight? What if there are medical emergencies in another country? Who would pay for delays and baggage losses? Worse still, something has happened back home and you need to rush back, how would you recover some costs of your trip?

Speak to your local travel agent, he would have tie-ups and affiliations with the best companies around for travel insurance.

Get that seat reserved

When you book seats on a flight, get spot reservations done. It is all about securing a seat, one which is decent and comfortable for you, especially if it is a long hauled one. Check online and there are various portals which would help you do the needful.

Just in-case you aren’t able to reserve a seat you prefer, reserve the next best and come back later to check for changes. You should even try this when you board the flight, the cabin crew on board would be glad to help you with seat changes, if possible.

Check with the airline because some of them charge a little more for those who want window seats, or for extra legroom and even to squat by the exit row. You should now know if it is actually worth the deal or not, keeping in mind the travel time between one destination to the next and your threshold of comfort too.

Check for pocket friendly lodging options

Don’t limit yourself to resorts and hotels, nothing wrong if you choose them though. However, there are plenty of alternatives available across the globe, cheap and rustic to choose from. For example;

  • Bed and Breakfast options
  • House rentals
  • Farm Houses etc

And if you would like to really have an adventurous time, there are travel packages and deals that would lodge you at weird yet enchanting places, such as a train locomotive, tree-houses, old jails, caves or even lighthouses too. Take your pick, the kids would love it and the options are cheaper but with all world class amenities.

Enrol with travel clubs

If you actually take time out and check with travel agencies, airlines and vacation portals websites’ online, there is so much for you to save on. This is done by enrolling with them and joining the club for loyalty programs.

Customers get promos, offers, codes and discounts through newsletters and e-mails, flying miles and loyalty points too. No disappointments with regard to the pocket being drained.

Author Bio

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