8 Things to Avoid While Travelling Around the World



The idea of travelling around the world is fun in itself. How relaxing and joyous it could be. However, there are certain things that needs to be taken care of. There are a few very basic travel tips, which if followed will ensure a smooth trip around the world for you and your family.

Don't Go Unprepared

Make a list of all the places you will be visiting and check out the weather conditions. Chances are some places might be colder of hotter than other places. Ensure you are carrying the right kind of clothes based on the conditions of the places that you are visiting. Also, there could be a bad weather, or flight delays that could spoil the fun. Make sure you have the right electrical gadgets or books with you to keep you entertained all throughout the journey, especially during unforeseen circumstances.

Don’t Forget The Passport

Make sure your passport has some time before expiring, so that you could successfully complete the trip. Register for a new passport if required and make sure to enter the details on the emergency information page. This particular step is unavoidable while traveling abroad. Also, leave a copy of the passport information page on all your activities during the trip with a friend or a family member.

Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance

Figure out from your health insurance company if your health policy covers you while your are in overseas as well or is it only meant for home. Search for the laws, customs and etiquette of the place where you are traveling.


Avoid Any Speculation

To prevent any harm to yourself or any criminal activities, wear clothes that don't demand too much attention. Also avoid putting on more jewellery. Do not carry all your money along. If in an emergency situation, contact the consular personnel at the local consulate or embassy. They provide emergency help to the citizens as they are available 24/7.

Don’t forget to book your Vaccinations

It's necessary to be updated about the health information on the to-be visited country. See if there are vaccinations required to have before stepping into a country. If you are allergic to polluted particles, make sure that you have pollution masks in your bags in case you need them.

Don’t forget to pack a map, satellite navigation etc

Make sure that you are able to access the maps on your mobile devices or you could even carry a road map or atlas that could come in handy. These could prove very helpful in densely populated areas or during festivals as the road directions are not clearly visible.

Don't forget the required cash, credit card Cash and Traveller’s Cheques are a must!

Make sure that you have plenty of money on hand. However, it is advisable to convert them into traveller's cheques and share the money with your partner. Keep these assets very close to your body.

Do not overpack

Many travelers make this mistake of stuffing unnecessary things, and thus carry a heavy burden wherever they go. Make sure you are not overpacked. Carrying a heavy burden in the form of luggages from one place to another could steal the fun of the entire trip. In addition to that, it makes you slow and attracts extra fees and additional charges from the airlines.

Traveling abroad is not as simple as buying a ticket and boarding the next plane to a destination. Safety should be considered seriously, no matter where one travels. A part of saferty is to dress in a new place to blend in.