The Alps- at Any Season


Dreamy landscapes, varying from lush meadows to beautiful mountain peaks. Green forests and the most amazing flowers. Little old towns, historic buildings and castles, and a diverse culture. Great events, concerts, and traditions, like you are visiting the region with a time machine, and experience these traditions like a few hundreds of years ago. Hiking trails through the mountains and along lush meadows, opportunities for cyclists, white water rafting, canyoning, climbing mountains, great lakes with even better water sports, and the best opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, even in the summer. 

Where is this travel destination?

It is not just one destination, or country. It is a big part of Europe, The Alps. The Alpine countries, are the most varied destination in the world, and offer you anything you might seek in your next holiday. Like the landscapes in Germany, from the coastal region, along the middle mountains, until the Alps. A most amazing landscape, with high mountains and white peaks. In between, little villages and towns, and very nice people.

Like the cultural diversity in Austria, where every region has its own old traditions, and lies in a scenery you will see nowhere else. Like the rural and quiet regions in Italy, in South Tyrol or in the Toscana, with its beautiful colors. Like the charming villages in Switzerland, and the high mountains in France.

The Alpine countries are also a great travel destination, all year around.



In winter, the mountains are transformed into one big winter sports area, with long and very well maintained slopes, and suitable for anyone. With great ski huts, and many cozy restaurants. Ski resorts varying in size, family friendly, for anyone who wants to enjoy the fresh snow. In winter, the Alpine countries also offer other opportunities, like skiing outside the prepared slopes, or climbing frozen waterfalls.



In summer, the Alps are popular for hiking and mountain biking, but have much more to offer. Lakes like lake Achen and lake Constance, and of course the many, many other lakes, offer any water sports you might desire. The mountains are transformed into one big region, where you can enjoy, the very impressive view, the great hiking trails, and the ski huts, open throughout the summer, and as cozy as in the winter.

One difference with winter, are the temperatures in the Alps. The summers are warm in the Alpine countries, and the enjoying continues throughout the warm evenings.

But, the summer months offer even more fun, like great events and the appealing concerts! For instance, on the Danube Island festival near Vienna, or the Oetztal Bicycle Marathon. Also, try out white water rafting, canyoning, and climbing, as offered in among others, in Area 47 in the Oetztal valley, the ultimate playground.

Blooming Meadows and Colorful Mountains

In spring, the meadows are blooming with Alpine flowers, while you still can enjoy the white mountains, and ski along the more quit slopes. And in October, the mountains are transformed into one spectacle of colors, ranging from the white mountain peaks, to the red scaled slopes and brown forests. And when the weather is fine, the sun shines, and the colors are even more sparkling, the inhabitants call this time of year “the golden autumn”.

The Alps

If you travel to one of the Alpine countries, regardless of the time of year, you get the best holiday ever, with great scenery, a view unmatchable, the best opportunities for summer sports or winter sports, appealing events, and original traditions.

More information on the alpine countries, the ski resorts, and all regions and villages, you can find on , the biggest travel resource on the Alpine countries.