Clever Tips and Tricks When Travelling Abroad

Travelling abroad can be a hectic task; at least till you get into your desired hotel and put your feet up. The journey from your house to the hotel will take a lot out of you. The re-checking of your checklist a hundred times, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything, having your luggage in order, arranging for a taxi to reach the airport, all these things can take a toll on you.


Guide Books to help you around

There are things you need to know about the place you are visiting. You need to get the guide books that include maps, keywords and phrases you need to know and details about the must-visit local spots. They also have comprehensive details on the local events, festivals and fun things that you wouldn’t want to miss. All this local research is something everyone spends a considerable time on. So in all the travel can be quite chaotic unless planned well.

Tips for safe travel

It would be handy to have a list of things that you can do to keep you and the others travelling with you from being harmed. Here are some things you must know before you begin your travel:

  • It is important to remember that you need to be yourself: friendly, courteous and polite
  • Keeping a separate photocopy of your passport, credit card numbers and flight tickets are essential. This helps you in case of thefts of your belongings.
  • It is important to know the phone numbers for fire, police, and medical emergencies.
  • Try to take only the necessary credit cards along. Carrying unnecessary cards can be a liability especially during the thefts.
  • It is important to know as much as possible about each country you plan to visit, including the country’s history, religion, geography, local language and government. All this will give you a good idea of how to behave around the people of that country.
  • You do not want to embarrass any local. So always ask for permission before photographing strangers who you find “interesting”.
  • Knowing a country's conversion rate will help you manage your finances better. So look up such details well in advance.


How to avoid trouble

Along with the things you can do there are things that you would want to avoid. They will help you to stay out of trouble.

  • Know what gestures not to use around the locals. Like in Malaysia calling someone with your finger pointing upwards is a challenge for a fight and pointing at something with the index finger is considered rude. You would not want to embarrass yourself in public.
  • Never carry large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry along.
  • Dress conservatively especially while visiting temples, mosques, churches and other religious places.
  • Never try to take shortcuts you aren’t sure about. Avoid dark alleys, narrow roads. You can never be too careful.


Tourism a boon to the locals

Tourism industry accounts for 9% of the world’s GDP and employs around 260 million people. It is a boon for countries that are rich in historical structures and breathtaking views.


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