Five Guaranteed Sun Holiday Locations in Europe

Don’t hold out for that Indian summer we’re all hoping for. In fact, don’t hold out for any kind of summer in the UK this year. Wave the clouds, wind and rain goodbye and visit one of these locations for a guaranteed dose of Vitamin D.


With average highs of 31°C in July and August, Corfu is most definitely a hot European holiday destination. Once favoured by holidaying emperors and empresses, this Greek island is now home to some thriving tourist resorts.

Corfu’s multitude of theatres, museums and arts venues mean you’ll never be bored, and its warm seas and warmer beaches are perfect for enjoying that sun. Expedia offer an excellent range of package holidays to this unmissable island.



Turkey’s extensive south coast has a huge range of resorts, from the bustling seaside cities of Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum, to tranquil getaways like Dalaman and Kalkan.

The coast of the Aegean Sea has a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot summers and low rainfall. The southern coast has long been a favoured holiday destination due to its climate, cuisine and water sports.



The Catalonian capital of Barcelona is a great place to enjoy the sun in a cosmopolitan setting. It has a good number of public parks where you can enjoy a continental picnic between visits to the city’s impressive architectural landmarks and large array of contemporary art galleries.

When the sun goes down Barcelona is notorious for its nightlife, whether you favour a long evening of wine and tapas, or dancing all night in one of the many well-established music venues.



Croatia is currently ranked as the 18th most popular tourist location in the world, and its popularity is steadily increasing. You’ll find the hottest parts along the Adriatic coast, which offers 116 Blue Flag beaches to choose from and an impressive variety of water sports facilities.

Further inland you’ll find medieval towns, health spas and opportunities for agrotourism. There is also the energetic capital city of Zagreb to explore.



Famous for its unparalleled cuisine, this Italian island certainly gets more than its fair share of sun. It is home to beautiful cities, attractive beaches and impressive volcanic mountains, most notably Mount Etna.

Furthermore, the island contains many UNESCO world heritage sites, including the outstanding Temple of Concordia, in Agrigento, and the eerie necropolis of Pantalica, making it an ideal location for historical sightseeing.

So if you’re considering a break from our beloved, albeit dreary British climate, these five locations are guaranteed to provide you with some much needed sun. Whatever activities take your fancy, be it sunbathing or sightseeing, scuba diving or mountain climbing, one of these destinations will have something for you.