The words 'activity' and 'relaxing' may not seem like the most obvious to go together, especially when added on to the word 'holiday'. Yet there are plenty of opportunities to indulge in both, while having the trip of a lifetime in a far flung destination.

Rest and relaxation

The quintessential relaxing activity, yoga is becoming more and more popular when forming the basis of a specially tailored holiday in its own right. There can be no better location to enjoy this pastime than exotic Bali or India, both masters in the field of providing retreats in tranquil surroundings. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned pro, there is a type of holiday to suit.

Cycling holidays don't instantly scream relaxation; however by taking things at a gentle pace, choosing your surroundings carefully and drinking in the experience, there can be no better way to explore. France's Loire Valley is a good place to discover by bike and with its beautifully imposing chateaus, picturesque vineyards and gentle pace of life, activity holidays don't come much better.

The executive's game of choice, golf is an ideal way to unwind and these days more and more people are uncovering its virtues and taking a shot during activity holidays. Portugal is ideally suited to a round or two, particularly as alongside well-maintained golf courses sit dramatic coastline, rolling hills and sleepy villages to enjoy.

The great outdoors

Long famed for their magical dancing display of colour, the Northern Lights are an incredible sight and can be the focus of great activity holidays to Norway or elsewhere in the Arctic Circle. There is no better way to experience nature at its best than under the glorious sky here. The remote villages and associated wilderness add to the romance and sense of chilled out adventure.

Another way to make the most of nature at its finest is to embark on a leisurely horse-riding trip, perhaps across Italy where conditions are ideal for riding. With lush valleys giving way to gently sprawling olive groves and calm lakes and dramatic coastline engulfing wild open spaces, there is much more to Italy than its historic and bustling cities.

Fishing is a great way to get to grips with nature and Ireland makes a great destination to hone those skills. With mature lakes and rivers including the River Shannon, fishing comes into its own with plentiful fish stocks and incredible natural scenery to admire at the same time. This is trip which brings new meaning to the word relaxation!

Activity holidays can be as relaxing as you choose to make them and the key to enjoying an adventure abroad is to research your destination and take part in an activity you have a big interest in, or passion for. From hiking across remote locations to enjoying a little romance under the stars, the world is waiting to show off its many treasures and is open to anyone willing to take up its tempting invite.


Erin Raines was lucky enough to travel extensively during her time as a student and has taken part in activity holidays incorporating her big passions of hiking and water sports. She would love to further her adventure travel opportunities by learning to ski and hitting the slopes.