It's Fashionable to Have Tea in London, You Know

Jul 01, 2012

Afternoon tea in London is not an new idea, surely, but the Pret-a-Portea at the Berkley Hotel in Knightsbridge (SW London) is a modern twist on a classic tradition.

Each day, by reservation, from 1pm until 6pm you can enjoy an afternoon tea in the Caramel Room at the hotel, where for 35 pounds per person you can have tea (English tea or herbal tea) served with a selection of little cakes and cookies shaped like a Burberry trench coat, another like the latest “it” bag or another shaped like a high-heeled boot. These are served along with small sandwiches and mini “savory skewers”.

It seems a perfect place to celebrate with a teen-age daughter whose fancy is taken by fashion or for any group of woman who would like a whimsical afternoon spent resting their tourist-weary feet in really plush surroundings.

For 45 pounds you can bump the experience up to the next level by adding champagne to the little feast. What I love is that the treats are served on china designed by Paul Smith, a hero of mine in the design world. His designs and what the Berkley are serving makes afternoon tea at the Berkley a more modern than classic experience and I am all for that.

You are not far from Brompton Road in Knightsbridge when visiting this hotel and shopping along that road could happen before or after the tea. There you will find Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Armani, Burberry, or the more achievable Top Shop. If nothing more it is worth a trip into one of these shops to view the over the top-ness of it all, even if you  don’t buy anything. To get there go back to the Hyde Park Corner Tube and go one stop on the Picadily line to the Knightsbridge stop. Exit through the Harrods/Brompton Road exit.

Reservations are a good idea for the tea and can be had by phoning from the US 01144 207 201 1619. If you have gluten or other dietary issues, the staff will take that into consideration when preparing your tea if you give them 24 hours notice of your concerns. If phoning from London, use the above number and drop the 01144, BUT ADD an  0 before the 207. The Berkley’s web-site is here:

To get to the Berkley on Wilton Place in Knightsbridge: Take the Picadily Tube line to the Hyde Park Corner stop. Exit the station through Exit 4. Head straight ahead for about 5 mins. Wilton Place should be the 2nd left hand turn. The post code is SW1X.

Come along with me….London calling….

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