The Nature of Namibia

You are exhausted and tired of city life and the monotonous daily grind and you desperately need a break! You want to get close to nature and its gifts, breathe in fresh breath of air and feel alive once again. The eagerness to enjoy ‘beauty at its best’ is so lucrative and compelling that you cannot resist the idea of visiting Africa- Nature’s truest creation. And what better place to land up than Namibia which gives you the right dose of blissful times! Some of the ‘must-see’ places are listed out for assistance.

The ‘Etosha’ National Park:

This place was declared the first ‘conservation area’ of Namibia in the year 1907. The geographical description of this area includes ‘silvery sand’ covered area which looks more like a huge but ‘shallow’ pan on the eastern region and the west has mopane forest, ‘grassy plains’ and shrubs scattered around a total area of ’22,000’ sq. km. It also doubles up as a ‘game reserve’. If you visit this place at a time when the land is dry you might catch a glimpse of countless animals collected at various waterholes- giraffe, elephant, lion, rhino, cheetah, leopard and other species. Lucky for you that while designing this park, visitors were expected and so viewing provisions are available. You will not be deprived of signposts or good roads if you are ‘self-driving’. For lodging options, you can camp at Namutoni, Okaukuejo or Halali. The Etosha vicinity also makes provisions for services like stores and restaurants.

 Get Lost in the Beauty of Nature at Etosha



The literal translation of Sossusvlei in English would be ‘the gathering place of water’ which is quite ironic as this place hardly witnesses any water collection of any sort. On the contrary you will be exposed to sand dunes of height unimaginable which is one of the main ‘scenic attractions’ of the land.

Being carved out of the ‘Namib Desert’, the dunes are results of accumulation of materials over a time period of million and more years. These originate from materials that the ‘Orange river’ which flow into the ‘Atlantic Ocean’, going north and coming back through ‘surf’ into the land. In this particular place the wind causes the sand to go deep in to the land with patterns that continuously change shapes, emitting a dazzling, ‘warm tint’. If you mange to climb up any one of these dunes, you will surely not be disappointed in the scenery which is sure to take your breath away. You might even chance up on ‘Deadvlei’ which is a ‘white clay’ covered expanse with ‘camelthorn’ tree skeletons that have carbon dating of 500-600 years. Twilight is the best time to absorb the real beauty of Sossusvlei where colors like ‘deep mauve’, ‘burnt orange’ and red play on the horizon of the sky. 

Get ‘Sandy’ with the Dunes at Sossusvlei



This particular place has earned respect for itself. Its surrounding regions have names like ‘Petrified Forest’, ‘Burnt Mountain’ and ‘Skeleton Coast’ which speaks volumes of how tempting yet dangerous the place is. It occupies the country’s north-western part and has both the wildlife and the humans under its control.

Residents of this region, known as ‘the Himba’ who are tall and slender in appearance, need to have ‘fat’ and ‘red ochre’ all over their bodies for protection against the crushing weather conditions. Even the animals have well-adapted both physically and socially, to the climatic conditions with availability of elephants in this desert region.

However, you will be provided the best lodging options compatible to your requirements even in this vast desert! 

Wildlife Exposure at Damaraland



Well, if you feel nostalgic and want your home-like environment, Swakopmund is the place to be. It is a hot spot for visitors and they generally need a break from the excruciating heat which is why this is the best escape point.

Similar to the towns of Germany, it gives the feel of a very disciple life what with ‘seaside promenades’, cafes, restaurants, museums and art galleries for art lovers and whole line of palm trees on the sides of the streets. Adventure sports that are popular among tourists include ‘sand-boarding’, ‘quad-biking’, parasailing and sand-skiing operated and managed by private companies that deal with adventure sports. Waives Bay increases your adrenalin level with activities like ‘Kayak tour for lagoon exploring’ and ‘dolphin cruise’. You definitely would not want to miss this opportunity if you are an adventure lover-which of course you are!  

Swakopmund brings you Back to a Normal Life

The variation in landscapes is what attracts tourists from the world over to Namibia. For an authentic wilderness and natural beauty experience, you will have to make a trip to this incredible land in which Nature itself takes pride! You can avail a Manor house for hire, in Namibia, which would provide you a comfortable, cozy and hassle free accommodation during your stay in the beautiful place.