Throw a Ballin Destination Bachelor Party 

When asked to be best man at a wedding, it is usually that person's responsibility to organise a stag party for the groom and his friends. This task is not easy and can often be a delicate balancing act between fun and decency. Here are some top tips to help make the bachelor party a memorable one. 
One of the greatest honours a male friend can bestow upon another is to ask them to be best man at their wedding. Being asked to guide a groom through every stage of both the preparations and the big day itself can be quite daunting and so responsibility for this should not be taken lightly. One of the most difficult tasks of the many that befall a best man is the organisation of the traditional stag night. Whether it is just for one night or taking place over a fun-filled weekend, the best man is sure to want the groom to have the best time possible. 

1. Finalise the Guest List Early

This is one area where the groom should have a major input. After all, he does not want to endure a stag night where he is surrounded by people he either does not really know or, even worse, does not actually like. Finalising the list of guests as early as possible eliminates any last minute panics over attendance and ensures everyone knows exactly what is happening and when. 

2. Consult with the Groom over Theme

Unlike the stag nights of yesteryear which mainly consisted of a random pub crawl, today's events can take on many themes and last for entire weekends. The groom should have the final say in what that theme may take. Money seems to be no object for Brits when it comes to enjoying a stag party. According to The Daily Mail the average cost of a stag night has risen by fifty percent in the last five years. 
3. Consider Using a Event Planning Company

Taking much of the pressure off the best man, a good stag company such as Red 7 can organise the complete bachelor party from start to finish and take care of every last detail. Whether the event takes the form of just a night on the town, a weekend abroad or an activity day such as go-karting or rafting, having professionals organise everything eases the burden placed on the best man and ensures the groom will have an experience he will never forget. 


4. Keep Everything under Control

The groom wants to remember his stag do for all the right reasons. As such, it is the best man's responsibility to ensure that everything stays under control and that the groom is not overly embarrassed, certainly not in a way that could also affect his future bride.

However there seems to be a new found sensibility amongst men is  reflected in the news from ANI that, in general, males take responsibilities at a stag night more seriously than women on a hen party. 

If you are looking for the perfect place to host a stag party with a difference, you can always book a party house and plan out activities such as golf, paintballing, quad-biking and horse-riding. Some of the popular stag do places are Bournemouth, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham and Liverpool.

When planning to visit such places you should experience the list of activities that are mentioned below.

·         4 x 4 Off Road Driving

·         Archery

·         Casino

·         Clay Pigeon Shooting

·         Go Karting

·         5 A side Football

So, this is how you can plan to have a great stag weekend.