Best Cities to Play Poker in Europe

Nov 13, 2013

Best Cities to Play Poker in Europe 

Three of the best places where one can play a relaxing game of the most popular mind sport on earth.

If there’s such a place as “The Hometown of Poker,” it has to be none other than Europe. Sure, Texas Hold ‘Em may bear the name of a US state, but Europe is where the game has always thrived ever since its boom began during the early months of 2003. Today, Europe has transformed into a place where every nook and cranny offered the best poker venues that cater to both beginners and pros. 
While there are many cities that offer poker in Europe, not all hosts the best places in terms of ambiance, specials, and tournaments. So to those who are thinking of traveling to Europe and want to take a side trip of playing cards, here are some of the best cities where one can play a relaxing game of poker. 



Dublin has been long considered to be the poker capital of Ireland. The place is a hotspot for major tournaments such as the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. It can be really fun to play poker here since a lot of locals know how to play the game like it’s a common household activity. In short, poker aficionados will feel right at home in this city. Dublin offers a lot of places that offer not only the ever-popular Texas Hold ‘Em but also other poker variants such as Seven-card Stud and Draw Poker. The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club is a good place to play the game as it is known to be one of the friendliest clubs in Ireland. It boasts the biggest poker room in the city, caters poker games to all player levels, and offer tournaments on a daily basis. 

St. Julian’s 


St. Julian’s is an area located in Malta known for its tourism-centered establishments such as casinos, night clubs, and restaurants. It’s always good to visit St. Julian’s since it has a good climate all year round; and is home to the Dragonara Casino -- one of the best gaming establishments that offer a classy poker club and daily poker specials. Check out their site to see a wide variety of perks that they offer to poker players on a daily basis. In addition to being an exciting place for poker, Dragonara Casino is near enchanting villas that are perfect getaways for poker-loving couples. Villa Rossa, located within Paceville, is one such place that offers a very romantic ambiance and top-class facilities to sweethearts. 

Monte Carlo 


People who wish to play poker as well as marvel in relaxing beaches with white sands should look no further than Monte Carlo. A true gem that’s located in Monaco, poker aficionados will find it easy to blend in the city that offers a relaxing atmosphere, the most amazing French dishes, and casinos filled with high rollers and expert poker players. 

Perhaps the Casino Monte Carlo is one of the best casinos in the city that offer a dazzling charm and a hypnotic setting that combines traditional and contemporary. In addition to its interiors, the casino has a relaxing terrace where people can play poker in the open air while being surrounded by the awe-inspiring sights and lights of the city at night. To those who want to play poker in a very relaxing atmosphere as well as enjoy swimming in some of the finest resorts, Monte Carlo is definitely the place to be. 

With these suggestions, hopefully, one will be able to decide where to visit for their next European getaway. Have fun exploring any of these places!

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