Top 5 Destinations along Interstate 5 in California

Aug 09, 2012

Top 5 Destinations along Interstate 5 in California

san-diego-zoo1.jpgNothing embodies the American Dream better than the freedom of a road trip, so what better way to explore California than the miles of sun-soaked highway which make up Interstate 5? Interstate 5 actually begins in San Ysidro, Mexico then travels up through California and into Portland and Seattle, Oregon. The Californian state section is 1,281.733 kilometres long and has existed in its current state since 1965; it passes through a number of well-known Californian cities and runs close to the whole length of the west coast of California. Here are the top 5 things to do and see along interstate 5 going from South to North.

1. The San Diego Zoo

One of America’s largest and best zoos, San Diego’s is off Interstate 5 and is a great place to visit for people of all ages. Also featured in Anchorman, San Diego zoo houses animals from all corners of the globe, including Koalas, Polar Bears, Elephants, Giant Panda’s and rare Bornean Sun Bears. The ticket prices starts from $32 for kids and $42 for adults (12 ), this includes access to their Skyfari © Air Tram and Tour bus around the park.

2. Laguna Beach

Just off Interstate 5 towards the coast is stunning Laguna Beach, it is a pristine coastal resort and traditional American town. As well as beautiful beaches and delicious local seafood at brilliant restaurants located along the coast, there is also a variety of outdoor activities to do including Golf, art classes and surfing to name just a few.

3. LA Dodgers Baseball Stadium


Why not visit and be a part of an American Institution and watch a Baseball game of one of California’s biggest teams? The LA Dodgers stadium is a great place to go to get a real feel for what Baseball is really like by going to a game. Or you can go round the stadium on a tour which costs $15 for adults and $10 for kids (14 years and under), they also offer concession prices for military personnel and senior citizens.

4. Sacramento

Interstate 5 runs right through Sacramento, California’s 6th largest city, which has a river running alongside it, which offers boat tours enabling you to see the whole city. With its strong South American influence, Sacramento has an annual Festival de la Familia (Family Festival) which includes some delicious tex-mex food, Latin music and even piñata making classes, held on the 29th of April. You can also tour the Capitol Building in Sacramento and view the portraits of past governors and glean some American history from the marble corridors.

5. Lake Shasta

Well worth a final stop off on your tour of Interstate 5, Lake Shasta is interlinked to lots of different bays and inlets that make up a large Californian freshwater expanse. Shasta Dam is also well worth a visit, as you can drive right over the top of the dam and there’s a breath-taking view waiting for you. There is also a sea-plane base that allows you to go for a tour around the area from the skies, you can also hire a motor boat too and visit some of the bays and just enjoy the crystal clear waters and Californian weather. Mount Shasta is further North on Interstate 5, but is also well worth a visit for a spectacular view of the snow-capped peak.

Photo by David Guo’s Master