Two Days in New York

Dec 05, 2013



New York is on everybody’s bucket list, and given the Big Apple is one of the most iconic cities in world culture, it means no lifetime is complete without a trip. With life’s hectic schedules, it can be difficult to steal a week of free time to look around the financial capital of the world – so a weekend is often the most we can manage. Is it even possible to see this city in just two days? Here, we’ll show you how.

Get oriented with some history

Once you’ve offloaded your bags, your first real stop should be the grounds of the World Trade Center. Currently home to a vast memorial and rebuilding project, this location is the beating heart of modern New York history and no visit can shirk the chance to see it.

To counter this with a look at the city’s past, no visitor should miss the climb to the top of the Empire State Building, a landmark and shining example of Art Deco design. Not to mention those panoramic views!

Sights and tours

A couple of days in new York has to cover the most iconic sights and the Statue of Liberty is one that commands the skyline and pulls you toward the island out in the bay. Whether you visit the statue itself and the lush parkland around it, or just grab one of the many ferries that cruise by with a guided tour, this monolithic structure is an icon of the American Dream and has to be seen to be believed. Ferries are also great ways to see other areas of the city, with Circle Line Downtown tour tickets proving one of the most popular NY tour options throughout 2013 and 2014.

Soak up the atmosphere

Make time for a visit to Times Square, the famous block that you’ll recognise from so many Hollywood blockbusters: a grand junction where all of the buildings are slathered in flashing advertising boards and the whole area glows no matter what the hour. The spiritual home of the New Year’s Eve party, Times Square is a busy place where there’s rarely a quiet moment.

When it’s time to chill, however, you should definitely squeeze in a few hours in Central Park. This vast green space is in the centre of Manhattan and represents the back garden for the all-American apartment dwellers throughout New York. Spanning more than 700 acres, the park is home to lakes, museums, cycle tracks, picnic areas and even a zoo to wander around.

Eat out, New York-style

If you’re planning your meals out for your weekend away, New York is a city with a thousand and one cultures, a phenomenon evident in its cuisine. Make sure you visit as many neighbourhoods as possible: the Lower East Side boasts some of the finest Chinese eateries and Jewish Delis, Astoria is home to Greek tavernas and Egyptian cafes, Little Italy speaks for itself and Soho has too many restaurants to list. Dig in!

Images by Ben Fredericson and vagueonthehow, used under Creative Comms license