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October 16th
By Vicky Hampton An Iranian blogger friend of mine (DishTales – you might know his fabulous food photography) told me long ago about the best Iranian restaurant in Amsterdam (or at any rate,... The post De Aardige Pers: probably the best Iranian res… Continue Reading
October 11th
By Vicky Hampton Mr Foodie recently started Dutch classes. He’s trying to pass his inburgeringsexamen (integration exams) so it’s pretty intensive – three evening classes a week plus homework. The upshot is that... The post Date Night at… Continue Reading
October 4th
By Vicky Hampton In all honesty, I don’t tend to eat steak in restaurants very much. I’m far more likely to grill one on the BBQ myself than pay a chef to do... The post Where to Eat Steak in Amsterdam: Midtown Grill appeared first on Amsterda… Continue Reading
October 3rd
By Vicky Hampton As all Amsterdammers know but many visitors don’t, Indonesian food is widely eaten in the Netherlands due to the two countries’ colonial history (too complicated to go into here, but... The post The Rijsttafel Roundup: 11 Indo… Continue Reading
September 26th
By Vicky Hampton The occasion of Mr and Mrs Foodie Senior visiting Amsterdam is always reason for a dinner reservation. I’d given my Dad the option of a couple of tried and tested... The post Amsterdam restaurant review: Scheepskameel appeared first… Continue Reading