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May 22nd
By Vicky Hampton It’s been a while since I went in search of tacos… According to this website, it was July 2016 when I went to Taqueria Tacobar – such a bad experience... The post In search of tacos in Amsterdam, part 8: Señor Mo… Continue Reading
May 15th
By Vicky Hampton While the Dutch were mostly eating bread with hagelslag for breakfast until fairly recently, the last few years have seen a trend in international brunch culture. Spearheaded by the Australian... The post Best Brunch in Amsterdam: 6 Top B… Continue Reading
May 11th
By Vicky Hampton It probably won’t have escaped the notice of my foodie followers that I’m currently in the throes of moving house. And this means two things: 1) I’m broke; and 2)... The post Meals for Movers: Thrill Grill and The Common… Continue Reading
April 24th
By Vicky Hampton Last week we had that miracle of miracles: a hot, sunny, spring week in Amsterdam. Of course, now it’s 12 degrees and raining again, but that’s why you have to... The post Salad Days in Amsterdam: Venkel appeared first on Amst… Continue Reading
April 20th
By Vicky Hampton In all honesty, I don’t eat a huge amount of Dutch food. Yes, I live in the Netherlands – but it seems that even the average Dutch person doesn’t eat... The post Where to eat… Dutch food in Amsterdam appeared firs… Continue Reading