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November 17th
The number of Michelin stars in Amsterdam keeps growing. The number has now gone up six years in a row. And rather fast recently, from 11 stars in 2012, to 15 last year and a total of 20 this year! The biggest contribution to the total this year came from… Continue Reading
June 12th
CNN has this great show called CNNGo. It’s a travel show where a number of locals show TV viewers their favorite part of a city. This month’s show is about Amsterdam and we got to be co-hosts and tell the audience all about Amsterdam street fo… Continue Reading
June 10th
Our Best Amsterdam Brunch List has been immensely popular and also due for an update. When we started the list in 2012, good brunches were much harder to find, and we were thankful for Lovefood to open doors, first as a pop-up and later as a daily brunch.… Continue Reading
June 3rd
Restaurant Fier – as in French for proud rather than Dutch for four – is uncomplicated dining Belgian style. The menu is simple. There are six choices on the menu, all tried and true comfort food favorites: Burger, chicken, hangar steak, pot r… Continue Reading
May 13th
Like in many other cities around the world, numerous food events have been popping up in and around Amsterdam. They are fun especially in the summer, when the weather is nice. So here’s our selection for summer 2014: The NeighbourFood Market The Nei… Continue Reading