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Description: Barcelona in pictures: daily photos about Barcelona, Spain. Images of a modern city, combined with personal style.

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March 11th
source: Spotted by LocalsWould you like to explore a city and skip most of the typical touristic places so you do not end up having paella in Las Ramblas for example? Would you be willing to waste your precious time going straight to Sagrada Familia witho… Continue Reading
February 12th
Art and craft, vegetables and meat, trinkets and souvenirs, the markets of Barcelona boast of having the most delicious produce, the most intricate art, dynamic people and energetic atmosphere. Plan your vacation in such a way that you can include all of … Continue Reading
February 3rd
By the end of XIX and beginnings of XX century, a new artistic movement spread throughout Europe that broke with the past and gave priority to craftsmanship and nature motifs over the rigid hierarchical structure of academic art.Such movement was called d… Continue Reading
January 29th
Spain offers something for everyone. Whether you love cultural breaks, foodie experiences or simply relaxing on a beach, there is a destination waiting for you in the passionate, sophisticated country. Find out where to go when planning a vacation to Spai… Continue Reading
January 28th
Documenting your wedding, one of the main events in your life, putting it on record be it digitally or on film is something that we don't want to lay in the hands of an improvised amateur that will spoil our memories forever. With this I don't mean that a… Continue Reading