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Description: Barcelona in pictures: daily photos about Barcelona, Spain. Images of a modern city, combined with personal style.

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October 9th
Movavi Photo Editor: Photo Effects Are you taking the first footsteps in the long road of photography and photo editing? Do you have experience but you don’t have time enough for long sessions using topnotch complex software or perhaps your budget i… Continue Reading
October 7th
The Palo Alto Market Fest is all you can expect from a festival, it is indeed a fiesta in which locals and foreigners alike have indulged year after year, on the first weekend of every month to be more precise. Based on the idea of Javier and Pedrin Maris… Continue Reading
October 7th
Dubai is located on the Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. It is an exotic city which welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is mainly renowned for the luxurious lifestyle, hospitality of people and where you can do world class shopping.Travel from… Continue Reading
August 12th
1- Pinterest user: visitbcn (Visit Barcelona)The Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona is the official entity for promoting and boosting the tourism, cultural, commercial offer in Barcelona and its environment, created in 1993 by the City Council o… Continue Reading
August 5th
Can Marc restaurant should be in the top five list of best places to eat while enjoying the company of nature at Montseny natural park near Barcelona. I say this out of respect for the rest of good options in the area.This little gem is hidden in a very m… Continue Reading