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Description: Barcelona in pictures: daily photos about Barcelona, Spain. Images of a modern city, combined with personal style.

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January 18th
What is Barcelona doing to become greener and sustainable?After the lack of consensus in many areas during COP25 summit regarding climate change, it is clear that our governments and our citizens still have a long path ahead to mend things up before it is… Continue Reading
January 6th
Today I want to recommend something different that I am sure Barcelona visitors and of course, many locals would appreciate, Vietnamese cuisine, and what better than choosing a good restaurant in the city that I have tried myself, of course. The place in … Continue Reading
December 27th
Dubai is located on the Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula. It is an exotic city which welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is mainly renowned for the luxurious lifestyle, hospitality of people and where you can do world class shopping.Travel from… Continue Reading
October 7th
The Palo Alto Market Fest is all you can expect from a festival, it is indeed a fiesta in which locals and foreigners alike have indulged year after year, on the first weekend of every month to be more precise. Based on the idea of Javier and Pedrin Maris… Continue Reading
August 12th
1- Pinterest user: visitbcn (Visit Barcelona)The Consortium of Turisme de Barcelona is the official entity for promoting and boosting the tourism, cultural, commercial offer in Barcelona and its environment, created in 1993 by the City Council o… Continue Reading