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Blogger: Carlos Lorenzo
Description: Barcelona in pictures: daily photos about Barcelona, Spain. Images of a modern city, combined with personal style.

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October 30th
Photo credit/site Sagrada Familia CathedralIf you are planning a destination wedding, Barcelona should be near the top of your list. Barcelona is the second largest municipality in Spain. This world-class city by the sea has unique architectural designs t… Continue Reading
September 24th
Siurana is an astonishing and alluring territory, a medieval village, in the coastal mountain ranges of Tarragona, Catalonia. Visiting this land will not only submerge you in a fantastic voyage through geological times along beautiful canyons whose walls … Continue Reading
June 26th
Source: Golden Hour at Arch Cape (iphone) by Jim Nix When you think of professional photography, a smartphone might not be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind, but, with the right knowledge and perhaps some useful apps and equipment, you can t… Continue Reading
May 1st
Barcelona is famed for being home to one of the most cosmopolitan cityscapes in the world, where people travel from countries far and wide to see its beautiful baroque buildings and learn about its history. But, that is not all there is to it. In fact, wi… Continue Reading
March 11th
source: Spotted by LocalsWould you like to explore a city and skip most of the typical touristic places so you do not end up having paella in Las Ramblas for example? Would you be willing to waste your precious time going straight to Sagrada Familia witho… Continue Reading