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Blogger: David Brydon
Description: I started to write barcelona sights blog to offer an alternative view of the city that you might not find in guidebooks, and to help other people who might be thinking of moving here - as it's the kind of information that I would have loved to have been given when I fist got here!

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January 13th
Happy belated new year everyone, I hope you had a great time with your loved ones, ate too much, have already returned your gym membership, have spent all your wages in the sales, but still have a few sweets left from the cabalgata.Really quick post today… Continue Reading
December 13th
It was announced lat November that FC Barcelona were going to be looking for a new home, leaving their current home of Les Corts and moving to a new stadium somewhere between Hospitalet and Barcelona itself. The idea was to increase the capacity… Continue Reading
December 12th
First of all, happy December everyone, and apologies for not dropping by for the whole of November - other projects kept me really busy (yeah, like you've really missed me). Anyway, the cold's kind of arrived, Christmas is almost upon us and it'll be time… Continue Reading
October 23rd
Maybe it's the influence of classic 80's movie Mannequin or the way my Dad always used to take us to see Jessops window in Newcastle at Christmas, but I'm a big sucker for really well done window displays in shops. One such place in Barcelona with a prett… Continue Reading
October 22nd
I blogged about 3 years ago about the proposed changes to Las Ramblas and the animal stalls - "ocellaires" - which used to occupy the top part of the most-walked street in the city, and sure enough, they have almost disappeared, with just a few … Continue Reading