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Description: Here you will find the inside scoop on traditional Argentine cuisine and customs, reviews of popular spots, a steady fix of local discounts with gourmet food providers, posts from others discovering argentine gourmet life, as well as the ins-and-outs of cooking and eating in Buenos Aires.

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February 23rd
Watching The Mind of a Chef, Season 2 Episode: Rice, I was inspired by Chef Sean Brocks careful and respectful recount of the history of the heirloom Carolina Gold rice grain grown with such care his friend Ansom Mills in the state of Louisiana. It m… Continue Reading
May 26th
For those who are looking for some culinary adventure in BA, closed door restaurants are definitely the new frontier. In the last year, at least half a dozen new closed door restaurants have opened in the city. The concept can be tricky. While a great ope… Continue Reading