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June 4th
My new obsession is Instagram. These are a couple of pics from the weekend, walking around the neighborhood of Boedo. Con el espíritu del Ñandú... Continue Reading
June 1st
After the newspaper kiosk closes and the sun goes down, this little guy comes out to play on the corner of Dorrego and Amenabar in Palermo. Continue Reading
May 28th
My quest to find the perfect milk and yogurt in Buenos Aires is over; La Choza has it hands down. Thick, natural yogurt and delicious full cream milk, and when paired with some organic granola it makes my weekday breakfasts a breeze. I get my La Choz… Continue Reading
May 9th
The delightfully vintage Cine Premier at number 1565 Avenida Corrientes, was the perfect place to see Oscar-winning film The Artist.  Only a handfull of people, a black and white silent movie and the faint sound of the film reel projecting its image … Continue Reading
May 6th
Chaotic, old, dirty, colourful, vibrant... the city of Buenos Aires always has something to you show. Continue Reading