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June 20th
Decades prior to BA’s craft beer and burger boom and before Asian-style hipster bars became a thing, Don Carlos stood on the iconic corner of Brandsen and del Valle Iberlucea, across from La Bombonera fútbol stadium, and served… Continue Reading
June 6th
I have searched far and wide for real Mexican corn tortillas in Buenos Aires for many years. It has been a long and bumpy rapidita road, but I think I finally found what I was looking for. Whenever I return to BA after a visit to the States, tha… Continue Reading
January 12th
If you asked me to describe the 2017 BA food scene in a few words my answer would be simple: beer bars, burger bars, craft beers eating burgers, and burger bars drinking craft beers. But looking at it closely, 2017 saw exciting ne… Continue Reading
December 4th
There are a lot of cafés in Buenos Aires, but how do you choose that perfect coffee shop? The type of place that is unpretentious but serious about excellent quality coffee. A café that’s good for meetings, meetups, work dates, first d… Continue Reading
November 23rd
Hey Fork Readers! Looking for the latest in food news, events, restaurant openings, essential culinary guides, and tips on where to eat out? Subscribe to the Pick Up the Fork newsletter (foodsletter?)! Just enter your email address or click here … Continue Reading