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February 18th
Time for another all-Asian round-up – actually, split into two in a row, or this would get to be a wayyyyy too long post. I’ve been hitting a lot of Asian spots recently. Let’s start in about as Japanese a spot as we can get… The&… Continue Reading
February 10th
Our featured dish, this time around, Ceviche de Solomillo de Cerdo – or, pork tenderloin ceviche. Now, does that mean we’re chowing down on raw pork basted with a little lime juice? No. Not at all. As I’ve mentioned before, there&rs… Continue Reading
February 5th
I’m slowly getting back into my explorations of the city, and, coming up, some more of my short 2-3 day trips to places nearby to the city. It’s been too long, and I miss doing that stuff. It’s what happens when you settle in to domestic… Continue Reading
February 4th
Our pasta course was the overall hit of last week’s menu at Casa SaltShaker. Our favorite course too.   A couple of years ago I introduced you to langanelli, a whole wheat pasta from the area around Rome. The original way I saw it made was… Continue Reading
January 31st
The emblematic dish of Colombia is the bandeja paisa – a combo plate of a little of everything that represents the country. Classically, it includes rice and beans, avocado, egg, grilled plantains, deep-fried pork belly, sausage, spiced gr… Continue Reading