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November 6th
Time for another round of, Let’s Eat Meat Carved Off a Spit! These were spread out over the last couple of months….   Carthage, Av. Medrano 396, Almagro – Nicely spiced meat, but not a lot else to it – a few shreds of lettuce… Continue Reading
November 5th
People who’ve known me since I was a kid are always surprised when I write about liking mushrooms. Because as a youngster, it was the one ingredient that I truly despised. Now, in my defense, until I was in my late teens, my only experience of mushr… Continue Reading
November 4th
I told ya Bite Marks might come back now and again. It fits for places that either I’m just giving a cursory look at, or that just don’t really need or justify a more extensive writeup. That doesn’t mean they’re bad (some may … Continue Reading
October 31st
October 24-26 – 2019 – 24-26 de Octubre Standout Plates / Platos Destacados   Pappardelle with Spicy Calamari – Inspired by a Korean dish, ojingeo bokkeum, this is calamari stir-fried with onions, garlic, carrots, lemon zest, and ja… Continue Reading
October 29th
The hottest spots for you to try, from our palates to yours.   Irifune, Paraguay 412, Microcentro – I first went to Irifune back in 2007. By comparison to what was on offer at various sushi bars at the time, it was among the better spots, but i… Continue Reading