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May 20th
Today a couple of antipodes. Not exactly polar opposites, as there’s no pole involved, and they were both very good, so we don’t have opposites in terms of quality. But, our first spot focused in on classic local fare from here in Buenos Aires… Continue Reading
May 16th
May 9-11 – 2019 – 9-11 de Mayo Standout Plates – Platos Destacados   Vitello Tonnato (I suppose in English I could put Veal with Tuna Sauce, but no one says that, do they?) – Thin slices of veal top round, poached in bacon sto… Continue Reading
May 13th
Time for our next entry in the great Bread & Soup Project! Brazil! Being our neighbor, and having at least a passing familiarity with the food, I thought, picking out the appropriate bread and soup would be easy. But then, Brazil is a massive cou… Continue Reading
May 10th
This time around, we have Mexican, Indian, and Pasta. And let’s make it like a crescendo, we’ll go from the lows to the highs…. luckily, this time around, the lows aren’t all that low.   Oh come on, you can just look at the p… Continue Reading
May 6th
May 2-4 – 2019 – 2-4 de Mayo   Sandperch Tataki – Sandperch, rubbed in a mix of salt, merquén chili flakes, and smoke powder, and quickly seared, then chilled, leaving the inside still raw. Sliced, and then topped with salted… Continue Reading