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January 18th
It’s been a couple of months since my last Chop Suey, and it felt like time for another. And, maybe something a little different from the usual dumpling and a kung pao or something similar as a litmus test. I mean, maybe a couple of litmus… Continue Reading
January 15th
Menu #2 January 10-12 – 2019 – 10-12 de Enero   This turned out to be one of the best menus we’ve done in awhile. All five dishes got praise from multiple guests! Este resultó ser uno de los mejores menús que hemos hec… Continue Reading
January 11th
The double entendre in the title is intentional… and hey, could be the start of a new series of posts like Bite Marks and Chop Suey. Maybe this is Meat Matters 1. Oh hell, I’m going to go and stick the 1 up there on the title n… Continue Reading
January 9th
Menu #1 January 2-5 – 2019 – 2-5 de Enero   Sometimes it’s the simple things that everyone loves. We’ve already had five emailed requests for the recipe for this soup, so, let’s put it on the blog! A veces es las cosas s… Continue Reading
January 7th
After my write-up of Don Ignacio, I’ve had milanesas on the brain… and, more to the point, in my mouth… and stomach…. I mean, it’s practically the national icon casual dish of this country, and as I mentioned in … Continue Reading