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August 20th
Sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of life, you know? And it wasn’t even vacation. So, this last weekend, our first weekend open in a month! A veces la vida interponerse en el camino de la vida, ¿sabes? Y ni siquiera eran vacacion… Continue Reading
August 4th
July was less of a soup month than June – not sure why. Or maybe it’s just that we didn’t make any particular interesting or unusual soups like we did the previous month. But here, a round up of fun things we did eat at home – or, … Continue Reading
July 28th
These have been collected over about two months… just one after the other that I wouldn’t return to, for one reason or another.   Heisenburger Recoleta, Vicente López 2190, Recoleta – My one experience of the original Heisen… Continue Reading
July 24th
After my recent trip to NYC and trying some fairly high end, creative sushi spots, I started to think about the differences between the upper level sushi bars there and here. Some of it is the obvious stuff that I’ve talked about in various sushi re… Continue Reading
July 23rd
Bestia, Primera Junta 702, San Isidro, has been luring diners up to the north suburbs for, I think, going on two years now, maybe more. It’s promise, basically… meat, meat, and more meat. It was one of the first places around to start offerin… Continue Reading