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April 1st
Where are we at? I’m losing track… hmm… Day 17, and counting. At the least, we’ve got another twelve to go, and even if total quarantine is lifted, I imagine that there will be some strictures left in place. The estimated “… Continue Reading
March 29th
Those of you who know me know I love Korean (and other Asian) food series. Not series in the sense of something like Chef’s Table that are looking at actual chefs or restaurants or ingredients, but drama series that revolve around kitchens. There&rs… Continue Reading
March 28th
Lucky Quarantine Day 13! Well, President Fernandez did not make an announcement as expected yesterday to extend the quarantine period from this coming Tuesday night, the 31st, to the 13th… which would be Day 5 of Passover and/or Easter Monday. It d… Continue Reading
March 27th
Here we are on Day 12… while as of this moment, the official end to the local quarantine will be Tuesday night, a mere 4½ days from now, the expectation is that sometime today, the president here will be announcing some kind of extension. He… Continue Reading
March 26th
As promised in the previous post, a step-by-step for Arroz con Frutos del Mar, or Rice with Fruits of the Sea. This is not 100% the traditional way that the more classic arroz con mariscos, a common Peruvian dish. I’ll point out the d… Continue Reading