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February 3rd
As President Cristina Kirchner’s power ebbs and Argentina nears next year’s presidential election, talking heads will increasingly look at the prospects of her would-be successors,... Continue Reading
October 28th
[youtube width=”550″ height=”380″][/youtube] If you’re interested Argentine politics and economics, I’d highly suggest watching the... Continue Reading
September 24th
Spotify, the music streaming service, comes to Argentina today. The service allows people to listen to music on of offline, depending on what kind of plan you get. You can stream Spotify for free or... Continue Reading
August 16th
[youtube width=”550″ height=”380″][/youtube] This video was made by Braniff International Airways in the 1950s. It’s provides a fabulously... Continue Reading
August 15th
President Cristina Kirchner gave a defiant speech Wednesday in which she blasted the media, banks, politicians and just about everyone else who has ever criticized her government. The president... Continue Reading