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Blogger: Gareth
Description: So many people travel but rarely do they stay long enough to truly understand a place and the people that define it. My goal is to learn the language, build relationships and live, work and play like a local. I have no set plan on exactly how I will accomplish my goal but I'll utilize social media and some good 'ol fashion networking to submerge myself in Buenos Aires.

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September 23rd
48 Hours on the Central Oregon Coast From sleeping in a 1950s-style motor-lodge to witnessing a geyser that spouts during high tide, I’d say our two-day road trip from Portland to the Central Oregon Coast was a success. We are extremely fortunate to… Continue Reading
September 23rd
Our Favorite 50 Things to do in Portland: From food and festivals to hiking and history, here is a list of 50 of our favorite things to do in Portland, Oregon on a daily basis. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list (in no particular order)&h… Continue Reading
August 12th
Trans Siberian Railroad Adventure across Russia This is a project we have been working on for over two years. The Trans Siberian Railroad has always been at the top of my bucket list. Simply put, I know very little about Russia, and I can’t wait to … Continue Reading
June 20th
Where can I find the best desserts in Portland? I woke Saturday morning, in the midst of a cold, starving, and wanting to eat nothing but cookies. If I could eat only one dessert for the rest of my life, I would chose the humble cookie! So, while Bob is o… Continue Reading
June 2nd
Guess who’s back, back again? Bob is back, tell a friend… and I’m hunting for the best burger in Portland! I did a LOT of eating over the holidays to prepare for this post, but they’re finally over and it’s time to talk best… Continue Reading