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Blogger: Gareth
Description: So many people travel but rarely do they stay long enough to truly understand a place and the people that define it. My goal is to learn the language, build relationships and live, work and play like a local. I have no set plan on exactly how I will accomplish my goal but I'll utilize social media and some good 'ol fashion networking to submerge myself in Buenos Aires.

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March 27th
KAUAI TRAVEL GUIDE | Best Things to do in Kauai, Hawaii Aloha! First, if you’re reading this, please comment below or even better – send me a DM on Instagram at @tourist2townie so that I know you are reading these travel guides. I would like t… Continue Reading
March 17th
RUSSIA TRAVEL GUIDE I want to give you guys more context and travel information to go along with the series for those of you who wish to travel to Russia one day; which I highly recommend. I’ll preface this video like I do with all my other “t… Continue Reading
March 17th
25 Days after starting our cross-country adventure in Saint Petersburg, we’ve officially arrived to our final destination – VladivoSTOK.  The city is sheltered from the Sea of Japan within Golden Horn Bay, and is the largest Russian port … Continue Reading
March 17th
Trans-Siberian Railway from Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok was a long three-day Russia Travel journey! After an amazing few days in the Buryatia region; visiting a Russian Buddhist temple, eating traditional Russian Buryat food, staying at the family farm, and e… Continue Reading
March 17th
It’s a long journey from the remote farm community, but the time has come for us to pay a visit to perhaps the most popular attraction in all of Buryatia – Lake Baikal.  And we arrive just in time for a sunset swim before tomorrow’s… Continue Reading