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April 17th
Photo by Greg Inda Who's that Guy, you may be asking yourself. Well luckily I've done the footwork--by which I mean stolen his shoes and worn them to follow him back and forth across Chicago, from audition to improv... Continue Reading
April 13th
April's Hot Writer: RK Arceneaux My genre: Creative non-fiction My literary influences: JAMES FRANCO. Lolz. But for real, loves me some Mark motherf-cking Twain. My love for him is everlasting. When my son was born three months prematurely, I... Continue Reading
April 10th
Chicago writer Bill Hillman embodies the city’s dichotomies. A former gang affiliate and Chicago Golden Glove Champion, Hillman is also an award-winning writer and storyteller. His work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Newcity, Salon.com, and has been… Continue Reading
April 9th
In 2002 Terry and Beth Kiely were beginning to ask themselves, “Is this all there is?” Both well-established in their careers, the husband and wife were, according to Terry, “interested in starting something new, something together and having experienced.… Continue Reading
March 29th
If you’re familiar with the Milwaukee music scene, you’ve heard of Dogs in Ecstasy. Comprised of Molly Rosenblum on synths and vocals, Tony Dixon on drums, and Willy Dintenfass on guitar and vocals, the group is known, not only for... Continue Reading