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August 25th
Comedian Chris D’Elia started out as an actor, but comedy was his first love. Thankfully, the star of TV’s “Whitney” found his way to standup and never looked back. Now on tour with The Oddball Festival, D’Elia spoke with... Continue Reading
August 11th
Growing up, there were three summer things I looked forward to. First, the cool, tile floor of my parent’s kitchen. Uninviting in winter, it became a cerulean sanctuary in summer. I’d lie on my back with my feet propped... Continue Reading
August 7th
Chicago Actor Landree Fleming may have been one of The Tribune’s Hot New faces of 2014, but we at Our Town caught the vision way back in 2011 when, after attending a gloriously smutty Off Off Broadzway show, we... Continue Reading
July 25th
Comic and writer Erin Judge is a renaissance woman. Not only has she appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing and written for Salon, but she’s also penned “Vow of Celibacy,” a novel about a bisexual stylist for which she... Continue Reading
July 24th
A representative New Year's Eve I can’t have fun when I’m supposed to. Too much pressure. Prom overwhelmed me, but at least it only happened once. New Year's Eve shows up yearly, but thankfully only for one night. But... Continue Reading