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September 15th
Accessible Alt-rocker David Paige always has his eye on the prize. “I love being from Illinois,” says the musician, “It's made successful touring possible. As a growing independent artist, I have been able to go out on regional tours regularly and... Continue Reading
September 2nd
Photo by Ben Sherman ComedySportz Chicago member Dave Urlakis is no stranger to online comedy. He created the viral sketch comedy channel Awkward Spaceship, which has over 1.9 million views on YouTube and over 2.3 million views on Funny or Die. After the.… Continue Reading
August 30th
Photo by Brian McConkey TimeLine Theatre and Chaim Potak’s luxuriously vivid novel “I Am Asher Lev” represent an obvious match. Though Aaron Posner’s bare bones adaptation leaves something to be desired, it’s easy to see why the esteemed theater... Continue Reading
August 25th
Comedian Chris D’Elia started out as an actor, but comedy was his first love. Thankfully, the star of TV’s “Whitney” found his way to standup and never looked back. Now on tour with The Oddball Festival, D’Elia spoke with... Continue Reading
August 11th
Growing up, there were three summer things I looked forward to. First, the cool, tile floor of my parent’s kitchen. Uninviting in winter, it became a cerulean sanctuary in summer. I’d lie on my back with my feet propped... Continue Reading