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February 11th
Zack Collins is ranked like a real catcher on this one Baseball America completed the big three’s top-100 season by rolling out its list Friday night. By throwing five White Sox prospects on the list, it slotted comfortably in between’… Continue Reading
February 10th
Outrighting of Kevan Smith opens a roster spot, but it’s more a nod to their depth than a signal for a move The White Sox outrighted Kevan Smith to Triple-A Charlotte on Friday afternoon, and there are two ways to process the news. The fun way: The… Continue Reading
February 10th
There’s power in positivity, even if sounds foolish After seeing Erick Aybar sign a minor-league deal with the San Diego Padres earlier this week, it reminded me that Alexei Ramirez is still looking for a next team. Which, in turn, reminded me that … Continue Reading
February 9th
Major League Baseball considering altering extras in a way that once resulted in Todd Steverson being banned from an entire league Major League Baseball has a nasty habit of making its most ardent supporters openly argue about its flaws. With sports in it… Continue Reading
February 8th
It shouldn’t stop them from trading a healthy, effective David Robertson if he’s healthy, effective As we’ve discussed many, many, many, many, many times this offseason, the White Sox don’t need to trade David Robertson, especially… Continue Reading