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February 22nd
Peering into the crystal ball to forecast the free agent contracts of Jose Abreu and Avisail Garcia In what passes for a headline on a slow spring training news day amid the rebuild, GM Rick Hahn sat down with the beats for his second powwow in as many we… Continue Reading
February 21st
An, er, active day on defense sent an all-time great out to center field [Ed. note: Introducing another new regular monthly feature on South Side Sox, The Game I’ll Never Forget. Told by White Sox in their own words, we’ll trace history throu… Continue Reading
February 21st
The South Side Sox brand is expanding! Check out our new Instagram account, @southsidesoxsbn, for an alternative look to SSS content. As the new Instagram account coordinator, I’m hoping to engage with fans in a unique way on the newest SSS social m… Continue Reading
February 21st
So yes, this otherworldly good article made me feel bad Somewhere along the way, I believe I have gotten a reputation for being a bit curmudgeonly. That’s cool, I guess. I dunno. I’ve called out some bullshit in my day. I tend to wheeze on a b… Continue Reading
February 20th
Ironically, this stellar shot marked the beginning of the end for the Go-Go Sox [Ed. Note: Today we’re introducing another new feature that will run from here till you just don’t wanna read it anymore. Photo of the Week will take a look back i… Continue Reading