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January 26th
Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast, as we try to grasp what new MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, wants the game to evolve to attract the YPOS crowd. Welcome to season 2 of the South Side Sox podcast. Can't believe its been a year already since our first fo… Continue Reading
January 26th
Plus: Avisail Garcia agrees about his need to shed weight, and Conor Gillaspie adds pounds Just as the winter meetings opened last month, word surfaced that the Toronto Blue Jays wanted to hire Kenny Williams to replace Paul Beeston as the club's presiden… Continue Reading
January 25th
White Sox quotes from Robin Ventura, Rick Hahn, Don Cooper, David Robertson and more. Robin Ventura: Plan is for Adam LaRoche to get the majority of the playing time at DH. Maybe someone else against lefties. He'll play once or twice a week at first base,… Continue Reading
January 24th
In stark contrast to the his first two years in the chair, Sox fans treated GM Rick Hahn with uniform praise. No questions about why Tyler Flowers was the catcher and not A.J. Pierzynski. No rambling lectures on the fundamentals of baseball. The sharpened… Continue Reading
January 23rd
Rick Hahn says White Sox right fielder got too big for his own good last year Last year at SoxFest, Avisail Garcia was the one player who struck me as larger than he looked on TV. He's not the tallest or heaviest of the White Sox, but even standing among … Continue Reading