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October 1st
ALDS features baseball's best team, three considerable World Series droughts and two AL Central foes By the end of the American League wild card game on Tuesday night, I didn't really care whether the Oakland Athletics or Kansas City Royals won Nervous Ne… Continue Reading
September 30th
The Kansas City Royals host postseason baseball for the first time in 29 years, but will it last only a day? We're going to have a gamethread for each day of the postseason, whether it's one game or four at a time. Tonight, all attention is on the AL wild… Continue Reading
September 30th
Also: The Twins do the unthinkable and fire Ron Gardenhire, and the Astros hire A.J. Hinch A day after benches cleared in the White Sox-Tigers finale last Wednesday, Robin Ventura shot back at Brad Ausmus in response to his Detroit counterpart's comments … Continue Reading
September 29th
Who made a case for next season? For this, I'm going to use an expansive definition of "September call-up" but the grades will be based solely on what they did in their late season call-ups - i.e., I will ignore early season performance in the majors as w… Continue Reading
September 29th
The White Sox bid a reluctant farewell to their captain, but the new core is ready to share the load There's a German movie called "Good Bye, Lenin!" that follows a divided household as the country's reunification movement reaches its climax in 1989. The … Continue Reading