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February 7th
... and what all this has to do with Hector Santiago Searching for the Modern Screwball Over at Fangraphs, Owen Watson has written up a nice story on the near death and the possible accidental rebirth of the screwball in the changeups being thrown today. … Continue Reading
February 6th
Highlighting our community members that spent all of Thursday afternoon talking about french fries. Before the Sox can dethrone the Royals, we have to endure another couple weeks before pitchers and catchers report. With all this down time, lets look a… Continue Reading
February 5th
Plus: A cluster of Black Sox articles worth reading Congratulations on reaching the end of another work week. The Andre Ethier/White Sox rumor can't claim the same. The Los Angeles Times' Bill Shakin finally sank some teeth into the report, but he only en… Continue Reading
February 4th
Plus: Mark Buehrle could sit out the start of the season, and Matt Thornton could join him The Andre Ethier rumor survived and advanced through a third day on Wednesday. No new sources joined the fray -- it's still just Phil Rogers backed by Bruce Levine … Continue Reading
February 3rd
Plus: The Andre Ethier rumor gets a second source, an explanation for Adam Eaton's surge, and more Tuesday afternoon, MLB Trade Rumors posted a chart detailing the 30 teams' expenditures on free agents this offseason. You have to scan right for quite a wh… Continue Reading