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February 28th
X-rays reveal an invulsion fracture on the lateral side of his right foot. The White Sox announced that Chris Sale suffered an avulsion fracture on the lateral side of his right foot in an accident at his home on Friday. He's expected to miss three weeks,… Continue Reading
February 28th
Nothing but good news so far for Crain and Jones, arguments that Quintana is the number two, and predictions on the Sox infield jobs for 2015. Walking into spring training, Nate Jones and Jesse Crain were unknowns.  Jones faced five batters during th… Continue Reading
February 27th
Vince Coleman meets with the White Sox speedsters in Arizona, and Kenny Williams hopes that they are M.F.E.O. For a long time, the White Sox have been a station to station team. While saying goodbye to Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko is going to help this, Ken… Continue Reading
February 26th
Jose Quintana arrives on the radar, Josh Hamilton meets with MLB officials, and Vince Coleman gets everyone excited to run. For the past few seasons, Jose Quintana has been the White Sox' No. 2 starter.  Unfortunately, when you've got Chris Sale as a… Continue Reading
February 25th
White Sox employee publishes a book about her father, who was the first African-American pitcher to win a World Series game The gradual introduction of African-Americans into Major League Baseball kept Joe Black on the outside until age 28, but it didn't … Continue Reading