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January 18th
One fan’s suggestions for our great sport At various points in the year, you’ll hear various sportswriters or commentators bemoan how baseball needs fixing, or how it’s rendered irrelevant by football and basketball. Hall-of-Famer John S… Continue Reading
January 17th
Can we please disabuse ourselves of the notion that Machado is somehow insulting the White Sox by not signing yet? With the eleventy billion tweets circulating in perfect he said/she said/agent said/Manny said/some mook in Philly grunting at Manny said/Ma… Continue Reading
January 16th
Elite hitting, elite defense at third, and, finally: a true superstar As the baseball world burns over the offer the Chicago White Sox made to Manny Machado ($25 million AAV? $31.25 million AAV? ... jeez, ESPN, can you at least get your own story straight… Continue Reading
January 15th
Winding up our series, here’s a look at the wild cards for the South Side reliever corps Before this offseason, the Chicago White Sox were loaded with high-ceiling, but not-ready-for-prime- time pitchers, like Ian Hamilton, Zack Burdi, Ryan Burr, a… Continue Reading
January 15th
Vote for our second class — with some bonus categories — through January 23 Once upon a time, the Chicago White Sox had a team Hall of Fame — until they decided to put it in mothballs, in favor of an extended gift shop. Now the Sox have … Continue Reading