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June 27th
Winning five of their last seven games, the Chicago White Sox difficulty in their remaining 12 games drops, which could set them up for another winning stretch before the All-Star game. Quick programming announcements: South Side Sox LIVE! will be on Thur… Continue Reading
June 27th
Scores, stats, and news from the White Sox farm system With all levels of the minors in action, we’re starting to see that post-draft roster churn. Here's what's changed at the four full-season affiliates thus far. Charlotte Knights The migration re… Continue Reading
June 26th
Sox take second straight series for first time since April Take it from a pro who knows -- the White Sox are more exciting than watching paint dry. Another Sunday painting in the basement with Farmio and DJ, another bullet-point recap. *This victory was a… Continue Reading
June 26th
It was in 1955, and the Sox managed to win that one. Quite handily. The White Sox tied a franchise record on Saturday by hitting seven home runs. The other time the Sox hit that mark, though, it sounded like a lot more fun. Back on April 23, 1955, the Whi… Continue Reading
June 25th
Lifehack: Make all of them solo shots and get rough pitching The White Sox made history today. Too much history. Yes, they tied a single-game franchise high with seven homers, which had only been accomplished before in 1955. Unfortunately, they were all s… Continue Reading