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March 16th
A week ago, a buddy (of the friend) saw a raccoon acting oddly within the borders of Reading through, PA. I had been initially told the raccoon behaved strongly. First result of buddies – a rabid raccoon. The raccoon didn’t ... Continue Reading
February 24th
Jim Morrison was depressed. He visited Robbie Krieger’s house, they visited a canyon to look at a sunset, after which Jim recognized he was depressed because “if you’re strange, individuals are strange.” Then he authored ... Continue Reading
February 11th
When talking about the ten from the Bizarre and Oddest Meals all over the world, you have to keep in mind that what might be strange for you is might be a delicacy in another place in the world. Yet then you will find some food ... Continue Reading
January 22nd
Strange Drinks and food. The first is certain to encounter it at some stage in your existence if you value going outdoors of the hometown. Whenever I travel, I love sampling the neighborhood drinks and food in each and every ... Continue Reading
January 13th
Because the festive period is here now once more, lots of social events and family time are members of the itinerary for many. Which means this year rather than telling the standard old Christmas cracker jokes why don't you ... Continue Reading