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November 17th
Trail Walker starts at 0900 15 Nov, Friday, a torture to your joints, knees, toes, and spirit until you can not move on... well. every year people try to demonstrate that he can, but I find that such 100Km in fact is not healthy to your body. After the 10… Continue Reading
August 25th
After almost two months no Hiking, I almost passed out today whilst I was trying to claw up th Needle Hill!But afterall, I felt great as I think this is the only way I could remove my fat at my belly!HK Snob  Add caption Continue Reading
January 12th
This is a amazing picture that we could see in HKIA, everytime I pass by, Everytime I think of what I have done in the past ten years walking up the hills,  and the higher we walk, the smaller I think I would be...When people get aged, all these… Continue Reading
December 22nd
This is supposed to be doomsday, end of the world, but seems assofar, there is nothing happens, I decided to walk up the Foo Yung Shan with three colleagues. Since I had not been trained three weeks, my muscle was so tight and stiff, I finally hurt my leg… Continue Reading
July 28th
There are many beautiful hiking trails in HK, namely Sunset Hill, Wang Lung Hang, Ngong Ping, Pheonix Hill, Fun Lau and Pak Kung Au at Lantao.And Long Ke, Sai Shan, Snake Peak, Pak Tam Au at Sai Kung. Try to walk and enjoy those trails with… Continue Reading