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August 20th
I love the excitement of car racing, but I’m also afraid of the dangerous nature. There is a place in Hong Kong where offers a virtual racing experience, which is completely safe, and everyone qualifies to be a racer. Here you don’t even hav… Continue Reading
November 22nd
We always talk about multi-tasking in the work place. But it does not stop there.  You can find people multi-tasking everywhere in Hong Kong, and most of these scenarios are having mobile phones involved.  Indeed, mobile phone has become an impo… Continue Reading
June 20th
Today is Dragon Boat Festival - May 5 in Chinese Calendar (June 20, 2015)Today is Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese society generally have a day off.  In Hong Kong, it's a public holiday; while in China, the holiday spans through June 19 to 22.Let's talk… Continue Reading
October 1st
Leap September and Occupy Central in Hong Kong If you’ve observed the Chinese Lunar Calendar, you may realize that there are 7 “leap months” every 19 years.  In 2014, we have a rare leap month of September.  How rare?  The… Continue Reading
September 9th
It was the Mid Autumn Festival (August 15th in Chinese Calendar) yesterday, one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. In tradition, Chinese celebrate the festival in three phases - Welcoming the Moon (August 14th), Admiring the Moon (August … Continue Reading