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Description: Having lived in the city for 13 years, this blogger shares his opinions on everything Hong Kong.

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March 23rd
For about 20 years now, South Korea has been turning out world-class films. I’m going to tell you about a great Korean director, Na Hong-Jin, and his three great films, but first a little history. 20 years ago, I watched my first Korean film, an epi… Continue Reading
March 22nd
When I started writing this post, it was about a week ago, 10 AM, and I was waiting for it to be 12 noon so that I could flush my toilet. Why? I’m living in the capital city of a country that positions itself as an economic and technological hub for… Continue Reading
March 6th
At some point I picked up the line, “Happiness is just a moment before you’re unhappy again.” I’m not sure exactly where I got it from. I thought it might be from Mad Men but it appears that the quote from that show was,  &ldq… Continue Reading
February 22nd
My birthday is now 70 days away. My 65th birthday. And I just found out this week that I’m fucked. The reason is that in the Philippines there is a law that requires retirement at age 65. I found out about this law last month and at that time I was … Continue Reading
February 9th
In this post – three sort-of-restaurant reviews. A steak dinner at Wolfgang’s and a pizza at Motorino’s New York Slice and some tacos at Vatos. And a side note about Angkas, a new Uber-style service with motorcycle taxis. Steak At some p… Continue Reading