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Description: Having lived in the city for 13 years, this blogger shares his opinions on everything Hong Kong.

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November 7th
Time for the next playlist! I’m aiming to share one of these every Friday – at least until I run out of ideas. This time out, it’s British pop of the 1960’s. It starts up with what we Americans referred to as the British Invasion &… Continue Reading
November 4th
I received some good feedback on part 1 of my American 1960’s pop playlist, so I’m moving ahead and sharing part 2 here. Just to recap a bit, I have well over 100 playlists in iTunes. It’s probably not a surprise that many are artist-spe… Continue Reading
November 3rd
Let’s get this right, shall we? Following my previous post, I learned a little something about sharing Apple Music playlists. And yes, in retrospect, it should have been glaringly obvious. Lesson: when Apple Music is unable to match tracks to its ow… Continue Reading
November 1st
Yes, I haven’t posted anything lately. There’s probably been no shortage of things for me to post, but I’ve been in a pretty black mood. That black has turned to grey, as things may be looking up. Fingers crossed. UPDATE: The playlist be… Continue Reading
October 15th
Open Rice lists more than 1,100 restaurants in Wan Chai district. It’s a daunting number; you’ll never get to try them all. Pretty much every local and international cuisine you can think of is represented here. The number of restaurants I thi… Continue Reading