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Description: Having lived in the city for 13 years, this blogger shares his opinions on everything Hong Kong.

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August 22nd
Now that Once Upon a Time In … Hollywood has been out for about a month, I wanted to share some thoughts about the film. Warning, there will be a massive fucking spoiler at the end of this blog post – I’ll give you plenty of warning. Fi… Continue Reading
August 20th
Update from my previous BPI post. If you’re just joining us, we thought we paid off our car loan ten days ago, but when I checked the BPI web site it said that I still owed P175,842.78 or that I still owed P11,571.20 or that I was owed a refund of P… Continue Reading
August 18th
BPI – Worst bank in the Philippines or worst bank in the world? If they didn’t suck so badly, I wouldn’t need to post about them as much. (Hey, guess what? If you google “BPI sucks” the first result is a link to one of my old… Continue Reading
August 13th
How did you spend your day today? I spent mine pretty much glued to the #antiELAB hashtag on Twitter. The WiFi in my office is on the slow side so it was a more reliable and quicker way for instant updates than streaming video feeds on Facebook or Youtube… Continue Reading
August 11th
With everything going on in Hong Kong, I haven’t forgotten to keep an eye on what’s happening in the Philippines. As far as I can tell, most if not all of my Filipino friends are concerned and upset about China. There were loud protests when p… Continue Reading