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Description: Having lived in the city for 13 years, this blogger shares his opinions on everything Hong Kong.

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May 20th
We spent 18 nights in two different hotels while we searched for, found and finally moved into our new apartment. And while we still have quite a bit to accomplish, it’s already semi-feeling like home. This is one of those “my diary” kin… Continue Reading
May 13th
Wow, looking at the calendar, I’ve now been back in HK for 12 days and start my new job in just one more day. For our first ten days we stayed at a hotel in North Point. That first week in May, everything was insanely expensive, I believe due to it … Continue Reading
May 10th
After less than week of searching, we found a place we liked, the landlord accepted our offer and I signed the lease yesterday. While I’ve lived in some very large flats and houses in Hong Kong in the past, we figured we could go with a much smaller… Continue Reading
May 5th
Yep, that’s it, I’m back in Hong Kong. We flew in last week with 5 suitcases (and three 4-terabyte disk drives) and my camera equipment – basically everything we could fit that should get us through the next several months. I ate at seve… Continue Reading
April 26th
Might as well see if I can get any responses or leads here! We’re returning to Hong Kong on May 2nd. We’re looking for an apartment, preferably in Wanchai, 1 or 2 bedrooms, around HK$15,000 per month. I’ve seen a lot of ads online for pl… Continue Reading