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Description: Having lived in the city for 13 years, this blogger shares his opinions on everything Hong Kong.

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February 11th
As of 1:07 PM today, the number of cases of nCoV is up to 43,108 (42,644 in Mainland China), with 1,018 deaths. Xu Zhangrun is a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He has been publishing essays critical of the government and Xi Jinping. He is no… Continue Reading
February 9th
“When China sneezes, the world catches a cold.” I’ve been wanting to say, “This is how the world ends – not with an explosion but with a cough.” Of course that’s not true. Fear and panic and fake news being spread… Continue Reading
February 5th
I’m such a huge fan of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog that I had to share this. I especially love what he does to Lindsey Graham. Triumph is the creation of legendary comedy writer Robert Smigel, who has written for Saturday Night Live, Conan O’… Continue Reading
February 3rd
The 2020 Academy Awards will be on February 9th. This is one of those rare years when I’ve actually seen all of the films nominated for best picture prior to the award show. Here are my thoughts on the nominees for best picture, followed by notes on… Continue Reading
February 1st
Just a couple of days ago I complained about not being able to leave the Philippines for the next few weeks. As of today, I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to – at least I wouldn’t be able to return to Hong Kong. According to multiple ne… Continue Reading