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November 8th
Just found that the Metropol Restaurant (名都酒樓)in Admiralty is a good place for Yum Cha. The delightful surprise was that it still uses dim sum carts for selling dim sum.    You like what you see and just wave a… Continue Reading
November 4th
The peak is probably the most known sight seeing spot in HK. If you are first time in Hong Kong, you can combine visiting the Peak with hiking.The hiking route is from the Peak to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, which is about 2-hour walk. This route is actually a … Continue Reading
October 23rd
The spirit of Lion Rock, a famous hill in Hong Kong, has been equivalent to the spirit of Hong Kong. So when a group of climbers managed to hang a big, very big, banner from the top of the hill, which reads “I want real universal suffrage”, it… Continue Reading
October 15th
A few Hong Kong police officers arrested a protester, brought him to a dark corner, and then beat him up in turn for four minutes last night. In today’s Hong Kong, the triads are used to attack peaceful protesters and obstruct press freedom (blockin… Continue Reading
October 13th
What do you think these protesters are doing? Whatever you think, it is reasonable to assume that they are not proud of what they are doing right? Otherwise they would not have covered their faces or turned away from camera, especially if they are protest… Continue Reading