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May 20th
And the winner for Best Food in the Most Obscure Location goes to…….Old Soul! There’s no other way to say it: Old Soul is so hidden, so oddly-placed, and so not-where-you’d-expect-a-restaurant-to-be that you’ll feel like co… Continue Reading
May 13th
An Italian renaissance has been underway in Vegas for well over a year. What began with Esther’s Kitchen (the restaurant that doesn’t sound Italian, but is), has blossomed into a into a full blown tidal wave of authenticity — where compe… Continue Reading
May 1st
The critic’s job is to educate, not pander to the lowest common denominator. I got into food writing to be a consumer advocate. It wasn’t to brag about my culinary adventures, or create a diary of my gastronomic life with pictures of every mea… Continue Reading
April 24th
(Al fresco dining and rosé wines are a match made in heaven aka Italy) Ed. Note: I’ve been traveling a lot to Italy lately, and swimming in a lot of Italian wines. One revelation has been Italian rosés — which are some of the bes… Continue Reading
April 19th
Good food is everywhere in Europe, at all price points these days, so there’s no excuse for not eating well when you’re over there. The three countries I visit most (Italy, France, Germany) have serious coffee cultures, so a good cup of joe is… Continue Reading