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May 24th
Day 69, May 24 – Who Will Survive? This will be our last “Covid Diaries” post. Where we go from here, no one knows, least of all the person typing these words. Life is returning to normal in Las Vegas; restaurants are re-opening; and we&… Continue Reading
May 12th
Day 57, May 12 – Surveying the Landscape What’s next? Who the fuck knows. Trying to figure out what’s next is the question on everyone’s mind. I, for one, have decided to stop thinking about it. Fearing for businesses I love, and t… Continue Reading
May 5th
(Puck’s peeps knock it out of the park) Day 50, May 5 – Where We Ate The Great Cessation is winding down. What began in a fit of panic will end in a cloud of failure and despair. Lives have been ruined, businesses crushed, hopes dashed…… Continue Reading
April 22nd
Le Cirque changed everything. Las Vegas had been upgrading its food and beverage options for several years when Le Cirque opened in late 1998, but when it showed up, our gastronomic ground shook and the whole world felt the shudder. Le Cirque was big time… Continue Reading
April 15th
Day 31, Wednesday, April 15, – What’s Next? Assuming any are around a month from now, restaurants surviving this coronapocalypse will face a strange new world of less customers. freaked out diners, intense public health scrutiny, and a deplete… Continue Reading