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December 4th
(Restaurant of the Year) Big deal dining is back! Big box Chinese makes a splash, Asian eats remain awesome, and some classics never go out of style. That’s how we’d characterize the DESERT COMPANION RESTAURANT AWARDS 2019. Or as we like to re… Continue Reading
November 25th
You would’ve thought someone had put Rice Krispies in the Nam Khao Tod. But this brouhaha had nothing to do with food. What it concerned was this little cost dollop added to the bill, at Lotus of Siam, which hit the presses last week: THANK YOU. The… Continue Reading
November 23rd
Writing strictly about restaurants is no longer an obsession with us. This doesn’t mean we no longer prowl the streets of Las Vegas searching for good eats, but only that we’re not nearly as consumed by it as we once were. We at #BeingJohnCurt… Continue Reading
November 8th
Downtown is awash in great coffee these days. So, as a public service, we at #BeingJohnCurtas thought we’d scope them out for you. Before we begin, some admissions are in order: One, yours truly is no coffee connoisseur. In fact, coffee is something… Continue Reading
October 31st
(Ed. note: In celebration of Nevada Day (and we suppose Halloween, although no one over the age of 12 should be celebrating Halloween), we at Being John Curtas thought an updated look at Nevada’s best restaurant was in order.) Having a Joël Rob… Continue Reading