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February 20th
(I’ll have what she’s having) It used to be so simple. Learn a few grapes, a couple of countries, carry a vintage chart around with you, and sound like an expert. Back in the Stone Age, that’s all you needed to do. And by “Stone Ag… Continue Reading
February 18th
(Snobby, uppity, opinionated, and not objective!) From CaffeineFiend at Simply put: Don’t waste your time on this book. You’re not going to find it a useful resource…let alone an objective resource! The author is uppity, sno… Continue Reading
February 10th
(Vetri) Face it: Valentine’s Day is about blow jobs. Men are hoping to get one, and women will consider giving one, if there’s a meal (and jewelry) involved. This is why lots of people go out to eat on Valentine’s Day. NO ONE DENIES THIS… Continue Reading
February 5th
(Happy New Year!) For years I’ve maintained that to do this job correctly, you have to be a little touched, a lot obsessive, and slightly manic about where you eat. It’s also like being a porn star: something that sounds like a good idea (to d… Continue Reading
January 23rd
The rich are different from you and me. – F. Scott Fitzgerald So are restaurant critics. Unlike the rich in Fitzgerald’s quote though, we don’t think we’re better than you, just more observant. More tuned in. Less distracted. More … Continue Reading