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January 17th
Credit Suisse analyst Cameron McKnight has uttered the word most dreaded around Las Vegas: recession. He’s even come up with some projections. “Based on our long-term Strip model, we can see a recession scenario for the Strip in which revenue … Continue Reading
January 16th
It looks as though New York State will split the baby on sports wagering: Casino-based betting in 2019, mobile wagering in 2022. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has baked what Credit Suisse analyst Cameron McKnight calls “a small amount of sports … Con… Continue Reading
January 16th
Last weekend’s flip-flop by the Justice Department‘s stance on the Federal Wire Act has spurred a fair amount of chin scratching in the gaming industry. Global Market Advisors notes the immediate implication: “The action, which at b… Continue Reading
January 15th
Grossing $209 million last month, the Atlantic City casino market continues to grow, up 12% in the dead of winter, even if it was 7% down on a same-store basis. That’s a tradeoff the industry will have to accept, as … Continue reading → Continue Reading
January 15th
In a world so topsy-turvy that Ivanka Trump will be helping choose the next president of the World Bank, we shouldn’t assume that Internet gambling is safe. The Office of Legal Counsel has reversed Eric Holder‘s narrow interpretation of the &h… Continue Reading