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July 23rd
“The casino industry is based on customer loyalty and winning consumers’ trust and money through service; one wrong step in the collection of personal information could destroy that trust forever.” — Stacy Norris, writing in the Un… Continue Reading
July 23rd
Can you believe that San José, Costa Rica is the seventh-best place to gamble? It might the best casino town of which you’ve never heard, with 30 casinos and “a quite attractive exchange rate.” That’s the conclusion of a Tra… Continue Reading
July 22nd
Whatever people in Louisiana were doing last month, gambling wasn’t it. Casino receipts were down 9% and you can’t blame it on the smoking ban in Baton Rouge (-13%), not when Lake Charles—the best market in the state—was nearly 10%… Continue Reading
July 22nd
“Some of it feels very familiar, and it just looks like another head of the same beast.”—retired teacher Sharon Hinton, on present-day racial tensions. Continue Reading
July 19th
Score one for Encore Boston Harbor. Its slot-payout and blackjack rules were upheld by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. That’s a win for 6:5 blackjack and a loss for players. “There exists a ‘6 to 5 blackjack variation,’ w… Continue Reading