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June 4th
On the eve of today’s reopening, Station Casinos hosted a conference call with JP Morgan analysts and was pretty darn confident that its base of Baby Boomers and retirees would flock back. So confident is that Station “has not been … Co… Continue Reading
June 4th
“As this weekend unfolded, there was elation as SpaceX celebrated its first crewed launch from U.S. soil. We can launch astronauts to outer space, yet many of our unemployed are still waiting on their first checks. The gaming industry reopens &helli… Continue Reading
June 3rd
“April will go down in history as the month that Nevada’s casinos stopped, and the economic consequences will be felt for months, if not years, to come.”—David Schwartz, gambling historian, professor and associate vice provost at t… Continue Reading
June 3rd
Would somebody please implode Fontainebleau already? It’s an eyesore, a civic embarrassment and a product for which demand does not exist. We perhaps should be saying “The Drew” but—per Scott Roeben‘s all-but-infallible Vital… Continue Reading
June 2nd
We hardly feel qualified to address the present turmoil in our country, so we are momentarily turning over the microphone to Dave Marlon, CEO of CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, a prominent drug-rehab center, very active during the Covid-19 crisis. He … Continue Reading