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January 29th
In a Wall Street Journal article posted on Friday the 26th of January, 2018, Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct based on interviews with 150 people. I haven't posted here in years but I've always left the archives up because I thought they were … Continue Reading
December 7th
I'm hanging up my dice. Putting away my stick. Calling it quits. No roll. What does this mean? Is the site going down? What about Vegas Mate? Oh, and when is the Android version coming out? Be calm my children... This decree only applies to the blog. Tw… Continue Reading
December 7th
Episode #85 is up! Quick Note: For some reason, our recording here went pretty off-kilter. It required a lot of editing and tweaking to make it listenable. Sorry for the worse-than-normal sound quality. We're not sure what happened. Listen here: Vegas G… Continue Reading
December 5th
It's already that time of year again! The 2013 Trippies are upon us and voting closes in less than a week! We're fortunate enough to have a few nominations this year that I'd like to make you aware of, specifically the categories for 'B… Continue Reading
November 25th
Based on popular request, I'm starting an open topic discussion post. Feel free to chime in on any subtopic that interests you. To kick things off: - With the storm wrecking Atlantic City, is Revel doomed and if so, what happens then? - Fremont Street a… Continue Reading