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Description: The adventures of a 20-something Californian living in London and traveling around the world.

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March 18th
In all my years in London I haven’t gotten tired of seeing the city’s iconic sights. My heart still flutters when I catch a glimpse of Tower Bridge and my eyes grow wide when I pass the Houses of Parliament. If you’re like me, today I br… Continue Reading
March 15th
It’s hard not to love Berkeley. This city on the San Francisco Bay epitomizes California’s hippie culture, counter-culture, food culture, and innovation culture all at the same time. Northern Californians come here both to embrace our culture … Continue Reading
March 13th
Today I’m continuing my themed itinerary series with a London itinerary for museum lovers. If you love a world-class collection or have a niche interest, I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration for exploring. Itinerary for London Museums Th… Continue Reading
March 11th
After a great visit to Oakland and Sacramento, my California road trip continues in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the border with Nevada. My sponsor, Visit California, has arranged for me to go skiing in Lake Tahoe, and I can’t wait to get back to … Continue Reading
March 8th
I love a good road trip, and when it involves my home state of California I love it even more. Visit California has sponsored me on just such a journey in Northern California, and I can’t wait to do a classic California road trip to Oakland, Sacrame… Continue Reading