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Description: The adventures of a 20-something Californian living in London and traveling around the world.

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January 18th
British people love to talk about the weather. I always wondered why, and then I moved to London and realized it’s because it’s always changing. Now I keep getting asked about the weather in London. From email to Instagram, so many people have… Continue Reading
January 16th
I hope you enjoyed reading my first themed London itinerary last week. I’m expanding on the topic today and I’m excited to bring you a new itinerary for a self-guided London food tour. If you love to eat, this is the perfect way to explore the… Continue Reading
January 14th
One of the things that surprises me about south London is how little of it I explored before I moved down here. Maybe it’s because locals keep it a secret, or maybe it’s because it’s not as well served by the tube as other parts of the c… Continue Reading
January 11th
I love a good market. From food stalls to craft stands, I could explore London’s forever. But Sundays can be tricky for markets, as a lot of them aren’t open. I’ve found a number of good ones over the years, though, and today I want to s… Continue Reading
January 9th
If you read my latest post, you’ll know I’m launching a new itinerary series on the A Lady in London blog. Today is the first installment, and since so many of you have given me positive feedback on my book-related content I decided I would st… Continue Reading