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Description: The adventures of a 20-something Californian living in London and traveling around the world.

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September 16th
There’s nothing better than visiting a city with a local. From secret spots to hot spots, they’re in the know. Which is why I’m excited to be in Budapest with a local friend who’s lived here his whole life. I have 3 days in Budapes… Continue Reading
September 13th
Today I want to share another of my London walks with you. This self-guided walking tour in Westminster hits the big attractions and the undiscovered side streets. If you want to see the best of the area, read on for A Lady in London’s Westminster w… Continue Reading
September 11th
I love a good day trip from London. There are so many great places near the UK capital, and it always amazes me how easy it is to get out and explore. While there are a lot of fun day trips by train, there are some that are easier to access by driving. If… Continue Reading
September 9th
Of all the streets in London, Piccadilly might be the most iconic. From famous hotels to beloved department stores, world-class museums to royal parks, this street has it all. And that’s to say nothing of Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park Corner, book… Continue Reading
September 6th
The Cotswolds need no introduction. Bucolic landscapes, picture-pretty villages, and thatched-roof cottages make this designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty one of the best places to visit in the UK. There’s a lot to do on a visit, including … Continue Reading