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Description: London has lots to see, and I don't mean the obvious tourist attractions – I mean the wonderful details that are all around us such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

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April 23rd
Next time you are in the West Smithfield area please do take a little detour though the Henry VIII gate that leads to St Bartholomew's Hospital.Within the gate you'll find this delightful, albeit sad, artefact.No chugging, no coloured bibs, no sponso… Continue Reading
April 18th
Wandering around Dalston a few weeks ago I ambled down onto the canal towpath and had a peek around Kingsland Basin that used to serve Norway, Benyon and Quebec Wharves etc. There's not much going on there these days – it's all waterside apartments,… Continue Reading
April 5th
Along the Victoria Line platforms at Finsbury Park tube station there are some marvellous colourful mosaics of balloons. These are probably historically incorrect for this location, but hey they are a nice distraction.They tie up nicely with a night … Continue Reading
April 1st
This is part of a large mosaic wall panel which features on one of my guided walks.But the walk does not take us to any of the places shown here.Intrigued?See here for more. Continue Reading
March 21st
I am saddened that The Water Poet, that marvellous drinking establishment in Folgate Street, Spitalfields, is due to close.  The immediate area is to be redeveloped, no doubt with more glassified blandification and Dubaiification.Picture c/o TimeOut … Continue Reading