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Description: London has lots to see, and I don't mean the obvious tourist attractions – I mean the wonderful details that are all around us such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

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June 12th
The pilasters that divide shops help delineate where one shop ends and the next one starts. 100 years a lot of marvellous effort went into designing and creating them.But shop owners these days don't seem to be able to leave well alone – t… Continue Reading
June 5th
You might recall that last year I wrote about the loss of the cute little Victorian in-wall letter box that used to be at Upper Holloway Station.Still no news on that one – it was probably skipped in error or sold on either as a vintage artefact or … Continue Reading
May 28th
M&S have just announced the closure of some of their stores across the UK and this will include my local branch in Holloway Rd, shown here.Whilst I am sad for the people who work currently and will lose their jobs I must admit that I always enjoy shop… Continue Reading
May 27th
Last Friday evening I meet my friend and fellow CIGA guide at the V&A to see the exhibiton about the golden age of sea travel.Oooh!Gorgeous!Beautiful!Wow!That's on a boat!Heaven, I'm in heaven...Check out the compact tea set, a leather clutch bag shap… Continue Reading
May 27th
...but inside it's so delightful.I love that song.But I don't want to let it snow let it snow let it snow because this weather is stopping people from bookings my walking tours. Me me me!Yes, poor me – I have had to cancel the four walks that were s… Continue Reading