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Description: London has lots to see, and I don't mean the obvious tourist attractions – I mean the wonderful details that are all around us such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

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April 30th
Whilst we're in a form of lock down I thought I'd put together a relevant collection of images I've taken over the past few years.You might be able to recognise some of them.Stay safe.Approx 95% of business doorways look very similar these days to the pic… Continue Reading
April 28th
A couple of weeks ago I went to an interesting exhibition at Cecil Sharp House, the home of english folk dancing, in Camden NW1. The building is fairly nondescript and belies what goes on inside.It was first built in 1929 by architects Henry M. Fletcher a… Continue Reading
April 12th
One of the things I have been busying myself with during this period of lock-down and enforced islolation is a concerted effort to sort out, tidy up and/or get rid of a lot of the stuff I have managed to amass over the years.So far I have rediscovered old… Continue Reading
April 9th
Wandering from Highbury Fields to Crouch Hill last month I thought I'd take a couple of detours to check on the elephants.Ambler/Romilly March 2020In August last year, there was a piece in the Gazette about these elephants providing a hiding place for dru… Continue Reading
April 6th
In January 1988 I moved from Romford/HaroldWood into a flat in Marlborough Rd, N19, keen to be living in area that ticked all my boxes – easy transport connections for work and socialising, lots of local shops and within a £5 cab ride home fro… Continue Reading