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Description: London has lots to see, and I don't mean the obvious tourist attractions – I mean the wonderful details that are all around us such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

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August 22nd
Whenever I am at Hyde Park Corner I like to take a detour into the centre of the roundabout to see the marvellous memorials  including this magnificent one to The Duke of Wellington.It was moved to its current position within the middle of  roun… Continue Reading
August 18th
The cab shelter at the north west corner of Russell Square always brings a smile to my face. I have stopped there a few times and partaken of the tea and snacks and I would recommend you to do the same.Sixty-one little green huts were constructed in the l… Continue Reading
August 15th
Blimey doen't time fly?!someone told me recently that they were going to the Edinburgh festival this year and it reminded me that I was there 15 years ago as a Perrier Award judge.Yes folks, you read that right. I won one of the two 'members of the public… Continue Reading
August 13th
Last month I posted about the reveal of the Brymay ad opposite Upper Holloway Station which happened after the new bridge was finished on Holloway Road and followed a year of upheaval including diversions and tail backs such that the Archway roundabout at… Continue Reading
August 12th
The 3-sided clock – where did it go?In 1912 Burberry moved into its headquarters at 18-22 Haymarket. When they moved out in 2007 I was concerned what might happen to the building and watched the site avidly as the changes took place.First the lovely… Continue Reading