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Description: London has lots to see, and I don't mean the obvious tourist attractions – I mean the wonderful details that are all around us such as coal holes, old wall ads (ghost signs), doorway mosaics, boot scrapers, pub signs, street names, even letterboxes and door knobs.

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April 28th
May Day Bank Holiday Weekend again brings us this colourful event around the canals at Little Venice behind Paddington Station.I will again have a stall at the western end of Warwick Crescent above the narrowboats, selling my clay pipe jewellery, cards an… Continue Reading
April 26th
I was ambling back from my sorting office yesterday pondering why there is so much bird shit splattered around lately.As I was crossing Cardozo Road I noticed that the textured crossing was particularly 'colourful'. I wondered whether Daily Mail read… Continue Reading
April 25th
You may recall that last December I wrote about Kit's amazing foam sculptures in Hornsey Road.Some of them got broken and some got stolen but most have been replaced with new models as shown below.Photos taken Sunday 26th March 2017. There is another foam… Continue Reading
April 18th
The Police Museum is packed full of fascinating stuff. Yes, stuff. Interesting things. Gruesome things. Unusual things. And clever things.Here's a link to the site – but please don't be put off my the look of the page when you load it – it app… Continue Reading
April 13th
This is one of those 'how did I never see this before now?" moments...Hatton Garden has for many centuries been London's "Jewellery Quarter" – the place to buy and/or trade in gold, silver, precious gems and diamonds.In the early 1980s I used to wor… Continue Reading