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April 2nd
All good things must come to an end. Sadly, today is the end for the London Cyclist Blog. I created the blog back in 2007 because I was frustrated at the lack of information online for everyday cyclists like myself. To my surprise, the blog grew to over 1… Continue Reading
August 3rd
In the UK, we love to go away for the summer. And naturally for cyclists, our favourite travel companions are on two wheels. One of the main perks of cycle touring is that it’s cheaper than your standard getaway. It’s also a great way to meet … Continue Reading
July 25th
The Hexlox is a tiny little magnetic attachment that sits inside your existing seat post bolt, headset bolts and wheels skewer bolts. With it in place, it makes it a lot harder for a thief to steal your bicycle components. It’s a brilliantly simple … Continue Reading
July 11th
Taking your bike on the coach or train isn’t always the easiest of feats. But you might need to use public transport for a number of reasons: you want to do a bike trip that’s too far to cycle to, you have a puncture, you don’t feel well… Continue Reading
June 1st
Anti-pollution cycling masks are a fairly common sight in London. It’s perfectly understandable –  air pollution is a well-documented issue here, causing respiratory problems and preventable deaths. A sizeable 9,500 people die in the capi… Continue Reading