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February 1st
The pace of change is so fast and the magnitude of rents is so significant in west London nowadays that you hardly expect to find an old English tea shop in the heart of Kensington where nothing costs the earth. That's why it was so pleasant when you… Continue Reading
August 11th
Your author faced various quandaries at Belgian installationist Carsten Höller's latest exhibition, Decision at the Hayward Gallery, and at least three of them were about whether it was worth doing all that queueing for whatever art was at … Continue Reading
July 17th
This blog has existed since October 2008, and has been written almost-daily since the 2 January 2009. It's given birth to books, it has taken your author to every corner of this beautiful city on a much more regular basis than before to explore the best L… Continue Reading
July 15th
Each summer, Westminster Abbey hosts a free series of brass band concerts in College Garden, which is accessible for non-Abbey-ticket-holders via the cloisters to the rear of the Abbey. Today's concert kicks off at 12.30pm and features Regent Br… Continue Reading
July 13th
Timed to coincide with the City of London Festival, the City Beerfest returns to Guildhall Yard today for its third year, featuring beers from 15 popular breweries and live music from Galway's We Banjo 3, 'powerhouse ensemble' The Kansas Smitty&… Continue Reading