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Description: Los Angeles Nightlife, Cocktail and Food Reviews: Here reside my reviews of things that popped up on my radar and occasionally I’ve actually visited/tested/bought the things I write about. Also, on the right side of the page, we’ve got some stuff every culturally growing Angeleno needs: a constantly updated calendar of L.A. events, links to Sigalert and David Lynch’s daily weather report, and popular L.A. guides and L.A. blogs.

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January 14th
Caroline on Crack If you’re anything like me, you decide which restaurant you go to by how good of a cocktail program they have. No? Just me? OK, well I browsed through the lonnng list of participating dine L.A. restaurants, 430 to be exact, to pick… Continue Reading
December 29th
Caroline on Crack Nowadays, a cocktail bar has to do more than simply follow a classic cocktail template to turn heads. Housemade ingredients and a strong garnish game aren’t going to cut it anymore. Besides, there are so many great bars with new on… Continue Reading
April 20th
Caroline on Crack In celebration of 420 Day, Otium‘s bar director Chris Amirault (formerly of Harlowe) will be serving up a variety of CBD cocktails! You can try each one for $20 a piece. Or just totally go for it (it’s Friday!) and run throug… Continue Reading
December 21st
Caroline on Crack Looking for something fun and different — with a touch of nerdiness — to serve at your holiday party? Lucky for you barman Christopher Day (Bar Tribute, Redbird) created this recipe for a boozy butterbeer. Your Harry Potter-l… Continue Reading
December 6th
Caroline on Crack If you’re like me: addicted to acquiring Tiki mugs. LOTS of Tiki mugs. Send help rum! You’ll be happy to know that there are places in L.A. that sell these coveted cups. I’m not just talking Trader Sam’s, Tiki Ti … Continue Reading