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Description: We cover everything L.A., from restaurants and events to local media and history. We've reviewed more than 160 restaurants in the process, have attended countless Los Angeles events... and these days, with Blogger Toddler, tend to view our city through the eyes of young parents.

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October 7th
Unlike previous SpaceX rocket launches out of Vandenberg AFB, I actually saw several mentions on Twitter prior to Sunday evening event — which gave us enough warning to watch the skies (and not freak out over what we saw). It was a beautiful sight &… Continue Reading
October 6th
Let's talk about that surprise cameo early in "A Star Is Born." Of course, I'm referring to the Super-A Foods grocery store on Division in Glassell Park. (Quite a few gasps of recognition at the Highland Theatre last night when this scene began!) Continue Reading
October 3rd
We've been a fan of the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre for years, but since Baker's death, the fate of the theater has always seemed a little bit up in the air. I'm not sure what to make of their move out of their longtime downtown space — this letter… Continue Reading
September 21st
For the 13th Annual Great Los Angeles Walk, we're hitting one of the most underappreciated streets in Los Angeles: 6th. It might not have the flash of a Wilshire, an Olympic, or a Santa Monica, but it's the workhorse street that gets you across town a bi… Continue Reading
August 1st
Restaurant: Trap Fried ChickenLocation: 1600 E Chevy Chase Dr. (Glendale) Type of restaurant: Fried ChickenWe stipulated: Because of the lines, I still haven't been to Howlin' Rays. I know, I know. I might as well hand in my "spicy chicken" card now. But … Continue Reading