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Description: We cover everything L.A., from restaurants and events to local media and history. We've reviewed more than 160 restaurants in the process, have attended countless Los Angeles events... and these days, with Blogger Toddler, tend to view our city through the eyes of young parents.

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April 20th
How often do you think someone says, "Meet me at the corner of Michael Bay and 6th!" on the Paramount lot? Continue Reading
April 19th
OK, Disney nerd, we get it, you're living up to your name. Continue Reading
April 17th
Every week, Joe Adalian and I talk TV on KCRW's "Screengrab," a weekly segment that airs on Tuesday mornings at 8:45 a.m. on KCRW during "Morning Edition."On Tuesday's episode, we talked about the fact that "The Walking Dead" is still a huge enterprise fo… Continue Reading
April 15th
As seen on Verdugo, this Charlie Brown/Homer Simpson mashup, created by street artist Jerkface. Continue Reading
April 12th
Not an original nickname for your Jaguar, but hey, why not. Moves like Jaggy! Continue Reading