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Description: We cover everything L.A., from restaurants and events to local media and history. We've reviewed more than 160 restaurants in the process, have attended countless Los Angeles events... and these days, with Blogger Toddler, tend to view our city through the eyes of young parents.

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December 10th
Thanks to KROQ — specifically Dave "The King of Mexico" Sanchez — for allowing me to partake in another fun Almost Acoustic Christmas concert. Night two of the annual event took place on Sunday night at the Forum, highlighted by headliners Flo… Continue Reading
December 10th
Every year, the Blogger Kids and I participate in the L.A. River Cleanup: La Gran Limpieza, as sponsored by the Friends of the LA River (FOLAR).  The Cleanup takes place over three weekends, focusing on three different parts of the river, in the spri… Continue Reading
December 8th
The L.A. Zoo Lights is always a reliable way to get into the holiday cheer, and although it's a relatively new tradition — this is its fifth year — it has become an annual staple for the Franklin Avenue family. (Check out last year's post here… Continue Reading
December 6th
Amazon Prime Video's "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is back for a second season, and to promote the Emmy-winning show's return, Amazon is passing out free sandwiches at Canter's Deli. From December 9 through 15, 50 free "The Maisel" sandwiches will be passed… Continue Reading
December 5th
Perhaps a broken bell? Or a tribute to RZA's "Bong Bong" greeting? Continue Reading