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April 3rd
ight, this situation sucks and we’re gonna be here for a while. Why not make the most of it?  The pandemic is happening and we gotta stay inside to save our healthcare workers, vulnerable peeps, and ourselves. That does not mean we stop having … Continue Reading
April 2nd
f you’ve been catching yourself reaching for your favorite tequila or cracking open a beer earlier and earlier in the day since the start of the quarantine, you are not alone. For some Angelenos, being forced to chill at home is a hard pill to swall… Continue Reading
April 2nd
Had to make a run to the store to pick up a few essential items for my wife and me Handkerchief covering half my mug Sanitizer in tow, I felt like a cleanly bandit Wiped down the shopping cart,  Entered through that automatic door, like a game of Ope… Continue Reading
April 1st
hile most students in the Los Angeles Unified School District are sheltering at home trying to figure out how to log into their online classrooms, some kids whose parents have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus are taking matters into their own hands.… Continue Reading
April 1st
hat started as an Instagram account in 2018 intended to poke fun at barrio life and its cholo culture has metamorphosize into one of the most anticipated full-length albums of 2020 to come out of Los Angeles  Not even a pandemic and nationwide strict… Continue Reading