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July 23rd
Javier Cabral is the editor of L.A. Taco, a former restaurant scout for Jonathan Gold, and a producer on Netflix's "Taco Chronicles." The post Introducing Our New Editor: A Fond Farewell to Daniel Hernandez, and Hello to Javier Cabral appeared first on L.… Continue Reading
July 22nd
ehold the fortress-like Southwest Museum atop Mount Washington. Prior to the Autry Museum absorbing its collection of Native American Indian art there was the white tarp covering a burial display of ancestral remains inside the Southwest Museum’s au… Continue Reading
July 19th
he week before any kind of rivalry match is typically full of tension, nerves, and anxiety. This was especially the case with the build-up for El Tráfico de Los Ángeles: the L.A. Galaxy versus LAFC. The trash-talk and banter between fans, su… Continue Reading
July 19th
The Hundreds creator Bobby Hundreds has a new book, This Is Not a T-Shirt, a memoir and blueprint to starting your own fashion business. The post This Is Not a T-Shirt: How to Start a Street Fashion Brand by Bobby Hundreds appeared first on L.A. TACO. Continue Reading
July 18th
f you have noticed the guacamole at a taco spot looking and tasting a little more watery than your standard runny, but still rich taqueria guacamole, it’s because it probably never had any avocado in it, to begin with. What I’m about to share … Continue Reading