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January 17th
t was only a matter of time until it happened: a pizza stand inspired by a taco stand in the streets of Los Angeles.  The elements were ripe for a phenomenon like Eleodoro Lopez’s woodfired pizza (anglicized as “Elio”): street food … Continue Reading
January 16th
o, you’re trying to eat less meat this year, but you think to yourself, ¿Que chingados voy a comer?  You’re accustomed to the usual, tacos de carnitas, de carne asada, de al pastor—and your mouth waters at the thought.  … Continue Reading
January 15th
here comes a time in the life of an Angeleno who follows the taco lifestyle to graduate from Tijuana and drive just two hours more southeast—to the other underestimated border city in Baja California: Mexicali.  For those additional two hours o… Continue Reading
January 14th
Welcome back to L.A. Taco’s new column, “Barrio Wisdom.” In this new series, we follow the streets-meet-academia wisdom of Dr. Álvaro Huerta, a professor at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. In this installment, we … Continue Reading
January 14th
Not all heroes wear capes—some wear tortillas.  As you all may know, the only reason L.A. Taco has survived in a time when so many other publications have shuttered is that readers like you have stepped up and become paying members. To put it s… Continue Reading