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March 20th
Well my friends, I’m throwing in the tortilla. It was fun and it was new and it was all that. But I’ve realized for some time now that I don’t have it in me anymore. Taco blogging is a young man’s game. The taco scene has been changing so fast in LA and I… Continue Reading
March 17th
My taco reporting has been less than prolific this year. So, when thinking about naming the 2012 Taco of the Year, I had to look to the past. And the shrimp taco at Mariscos Jalisco immediately came to mind. On a recent trip to the legendary East LA truck… Continue Reading
December 12th
photo: LA Observed Well this is bad news. It looks like Henry's Tacos will shutter this month for good. A taco stand loved by locals and non-locals alike, Henry's has been serving some of the best "gringo" style tacos in LA for over 50 year… Continue Reading
October 18th
It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted so I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a list of my top five favorite taco trucks at the moment. This list is always evolving so bear with me. And if you have your own list feel free to shar… Continue Reading
August 2nd
As far as gringo tacos go it’s hard to beat Rick’s in Pasadena. Only, now it’s called Bobby’s Place. But the food is the same: the spuderito, the beef and bean with hot, and of course the crunchy ground beef tacos, are all still ridiculously delicious. Th… Continue Reading