Ephemeral New York

Description: Chronicling an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts.

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January 14th
It’s a phantom relic of 19th century New York: the hauntingly preserved facade of an orphan asylum chapel built in 1898 at 402 East 90th Street. Facing York Avenue to the east, the chapel facade rises several stories and is embedded into the side of… Continue Reading
January 14th
In Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster with snakes in her hair; looking at her could cause a viewer’s face to turn to stone. On contemporary Sutton Place near 58th Street, there’s another Medusa. Snakes live in her hair, but rather than turn… Continue Reading
January 14th
Neon signs, decorative mortar and pestles, brass chandeliers, wood shelves with sliding ladders…there’s a lot to love about New York’s longtime independent pharmacies. Many of these corner stores have been in business for over a century… Continue Reading
January 7th
Just off Fifth Avenue at 79th Street in Central Park is a small playground. Step inside, and try to resist the charm of these three enormous bronze bears. “Group of Bears” has been at the Pat Hoffman Friedman playground since 1990. Cast 30 yea… Continue Reading
January 6th
Cold rain and wet snow make it hard to get around New York on foot and take in its beauty. But damp weather like this was ideal for the Impressionist painters who lived and worked in the city at the turn of the last century. With dark streets marked by pu… Continue Reading