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Blogger: Danny
Description: I love eating and shoving food into my mouth. Sometimes I like to cook at home, sometimes it's cheap take-out from Chinatown, and sometimes it's something fancier from one of those places I read about on other food blogs.

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October 10th
I'm leaving New York. There are countless ways to say goodbye to the greatest city in the world and my limited elegance with words preclude me from writing something that matches my true feelings. I started this blog simply because I thought I could put u… Continue Reading
September 12th
Half way between the seven minute walk from the subway station back to my apartment, uncontrollable tears streamed down my face. I sobbed in broad day light. In my thirty-four years on earth, that had never happened before, and what triggered it was simpl… Continue Reading
August 20th
Looking for a job and having a young son at home is not the recipe for keeping a food blog alive. Being on a diet doesn't help either. I've come to realize that finding a job as a non-superstar comp sci person is not that easy in New York City, and lookin… Continue Reading
June 9th
Spare moments for doing anything personal is rare these days, but I think it's the normal progression of parenthood. One of the things is that you learn to sneak intimate moments of passion, by that I mean food, into any time that you find free. For examp… Continue Reading
April 30th
One of the things that is really new about being a parent is the little things that make you geek out and have a positive reaction. I can imagine this is what life is like for people who love cosplay or bird watching. Before the baby, I remember there wer… Continue Reading