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Description: Join us as we take a trip down the back alleys of New York City history.

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January 9th
The Lower East Side lost a great one this week. Walter Kühr, the owner of the Main Squeeze accordion store, died last weekend.  He completely succeeded at his strange but profound mission in life -- to keep accordion music alive in the hea… Continue Reading
January 8th
From the original illustrations of  The Doomsman: a look up Park Row in 2015, a decrepit row of deteriorating structures. You can clearly see the ruins of old Post Office at the foot of City Hall Park.  Compare this view to the photograph at the… Continue Reading
January 6th
On January 6, 1915, a seemingly minor incident under the streets of Midtown caused a terrible panic, "the worst disaster in the history of the New York subway" up to that date, injuring hundreds of commuters and killing one. That morning, two electri… Continue Reading
January 2nd
Harlem Street with Church, by William H Johnson, 1939-40, courtesy the Smithsonian InstituteIn the 1980s comic book Watchmen, a redheaded protester haunts a local New York newsstand holding a sign which says THE END IS NIGH. Sometimes I feel the urge to h… Continue Reading
December 31st
Happy 2015 to everyone! We want to thank you for listening to the show this year, checking in with the blog and following along with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Lots of incredible things in store for the next year so we hope to see you th… Continue Reading