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Description: Travel and food observations from an obsessive and compulsive survey of the world. Plus everything New York City.

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August 2nd
Quick!  These are shows that you need to pay attention to: one has just opened and is hotter than hot. Two are closing soon or have limited runs. I encourage you to jump on your computer and book any or all of these as quickly as you can. Just O… Continue Reading
August 1st
Summer isn’t over yet, and there are many interesting international escapes to be had. Some invite you to festivals celebrating food, wine and techno.  Others combine food and culture with a dose of the outdoors. There’s also a bucket-lis… Continue Reading
July 17th
Get ready for this weekend’s much-anticipated foodie event, Dan’s Taste of Two Forks. This year marks the ninth year of the delicious event which is held at Fairview Farm at Mecox in Bridgehampton, New York on the shore of Mecox Bay.On Saturda… Continue Reading
July 13th
--> Hey, procrastinators!  The forecast is for French fireworks and joie de vivre.  That is to say, this weekend from July 14-15 is the French celebration of Bastille Day, the equivalent of the Fourth of July in the USA.  For those … Continue Reading
July 9th
The Fourth of July is over, but not the celebration.  On Sunday, July 14, Bastille Day will be commemorated  in the US with as much pomp and joie de vivre as ever.  It’s a wonderful time to bring out those red, white and blue colors … Continue Reading