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Blogger: Richard Nahem
Description: Eye Prefer Paris is an ex-New Yorkers insiders guide to Paris. Richard Nahem writes his blog from his fabulous 18th century apartment in the fashionable Marais district of Paris.

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December 5th
Today is the beginning of my annual posts about Christmas time in Paris. Galeries Lafayette, hands down, has the best and most creative window displays. A hoard of adorable bees in their beehive has taken over, buzzing inside and out... Continue Reading
December 3rd
About 10 years ago I launched Eye Prefer New York Tours with a friend of mine who was going to partner with me to do the same types of tours in New York that I do in Paris. Things did... Continue Reading
December 2nd
Ghost of Versailles The Royal Opera House of Versailles is premiering for the first time in France a production of The Ghost of Versailles in association with the Glimmerglass Festival from the U.S. Originally commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera House.… Continue Reading
November 28th
Here is my annual Thanksgiving blog. Enjoy! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and for the last thirteen years I have published this French Thanksgiving vocabulary list, courtesy of my former New York French teacher, Luc Georges. Since Thanksgivi… Continue Reading
November 25th
First it was the bistro that made a comeback in the form of the neo-bistro, then the bouillon restaurant made a splashy return, and now the brasserie is ripe for a return. Brasserie Bellanger is a perfect example of a... Continue Reading