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Blogger: Adam
Description: A celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today.

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May 20th
The best vintage postcards tell two stories. No, the best vintage postcards offer enigmatic extracts from two stories. Like an intriguing book cover and a well presented back page blurb, they spur you to pick up the object and read on. With a book, your d… Continue Reading
September 17th
Although production has dropped significantly in recent times, Invisible Paris can nevertheless blow out the candles on a 10th birthday today (September 17)! I began the blog a decade ago with little more in mind than giving focus and structure to my … Continue Reading
June 26th
The ancient heart of Paris gives its name to a recently published book by writer and journalist Agnès Poirier, but rather than the history, geography or architecture of the district, it is an extraordinary period in its life in the middle of the twentieth… Continue Reading
May 23rd
“That whole area is weird” wrote Jonathan, encouraging me to look into a metropolitan mystery that had been bugging him on his daily cycle commute to work. There’s the road that stops, starts again and splits into two, a church that looks more like a hous… Continue Reading
February 16th
A little over eight years ago on this blog I posted on Le Corbusier’s two 1929 Salvation Army projects in Paris. If his polychrome Cité de Refuge has since undergone extensive renovations and shines on the horizon, the concrete barge on the Seine, the Lou… Continue Reading