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Blogger: Zeva Bellel
Description: From artisan corset makers and vintage jewelry dealers to bespoke fragrance designers, secret specialists abound in Paris. ParisBAO lifts the veil on these elusive experts, shedding light on the city's great hidden talents.

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May 6th
You have no idea what an amazing and crazy adventure I’ve been on for the last few months. Of course you don’t, because I had to keep it a secret from you all. That means several months of torturous silence because for those who know me well, … Continue Reading
April 7th
If you asked Parisians ten years ago what Pilates (pronounced “Pilottes”) was, they would have answered you with their habitual I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about-you-may-as-well-come-from-Mars shoulder shrug and dismissive lip far… Continue Reading
March 17th
Even though they live in the capital of couture, most Parisians can't sew a stitch. Like most countries, France kicked home economics to the curb decades ago. Since hardly any one knows how to shorten a hem, fix a button, or take in a seam, you can find a… Continue Reading
March 10th
Inspired by the arm candy that Spartacus sported back in the day, the leather cuff is making a sexy, sophisticated comeback thanks to Owen & Savary, an independent leather accessories brand based in Paris. Continue Reading
March 1st
Check out my review of artisan umbrella maker Michel Heurtault in the current spring issue of T Magazine. I heard from Michel earlier today that he’s already been flooded with calls from all over the USA, including Texas curiously enough. I can&rsqu… Continue Reading