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December 30th
Here we are...! It's been nearly 10 years, though it seems like just yesterday, when I started posting a photo a day of Paris on this blog after I was given a digital camera for my birthday.It's been a wonderful experience, for many reasons. The main one … Continue Reading
December 29th
I have never used the Paris metro as extensively as these past days and I must say, it's really convenient (especially when it's super cold!). For the first time in my life I even found myself on the platform of line 1, at Bastille! A stunning metro stati… Continue Reading
December 29th
I went to La Défense yesterday for some last minute shopping (the shopping mall there is the only one opened on Sundays) and I took some time to go up the steps of the Grande arche and look at the sunset on the other side. It was stunning. Now is t… Continue Reading
December 27th
I love how, in Paris, they (building constructors) hide their work in progress behind huge canvases. It's primarily an ad, of course (for a dating site for women), but look at the way they reproduced the windows and even the café awnings and the pa… Continue Reading
December 27th
Between the last minute gifts to buy, the "stuff" from the pharmacy that you can only find in France!, the unavoidable trip to Ikea (to see what kind of kitchens they have!) and the family gatherings, I haven't had a single minute to take a live photo (no… Continue Reading