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Blogger: Adam
Description: A local Parisian who blogs to to share his fascination with Paris, and to try and point out things that people may otherwise overlook. He makes suggestions for more offbeat weekend activities for both visitors and locals in Paris.

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March 22nd
There are a few interesting events in Paris this weekend which has inspired me to list them here. It must be the return of Spring. La Nuit de la Chouette (Owl Night) A Chance to track down a few owls in parks and forests around France, in the company of… Continue Reading
February 7th
Here are some suggestions for what promises to be a very vintage weekend in Paris. Retro Shows Two events at the Paris Expo exhibition centre this weekend have their sights firmly set in the rear view mirror. RetroMobile: car porn for vintage vehicule … Continue Reading
January 18th
Temperatures have plummeted in Paris over the last few days, and this weekend promises to be one of the coldest this winter, but nevertheless here a few ideas to get you out from under the duvet. A Giant Pillow Fight If you are sheltering under the duv… Continue Reading
January 8th
A new year begins in Paris, and despite restricted budgets there are still many things to look forward to. Here is a small selection. Architecture and Urbanism With municipal elections looming in 2014, the current team are planning to get as many proj… Continue Reading
December 7th
As almost all events organised this weekend seem to have some link to shopping, but here are some that at least offer a little more. Little Paradis The area around the Rue de Paradis in the 10th arrondissement has slowly come to be filled with galle… Continue Reading