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January 16th
« La Cité Fleurie » - the name indicates of course that you should find a lot of flowers. Well, then mid-January is perhaps not the best time for a “flower-visit”, but I was anyhow so happy to manage to get into th… Continue Reading
January 13th
Walking along the streets, along the banks of Île Saint-Louis, you will probably find one of the world’s highest concentration of commemorative plaques. Almost all the buildings are from the middle of the 17th century, most of them with the br… Continue Reading
January 9th
A couple of days ago, I left, after an invitation close to the Pont Neuf, and decided to walk home. Half an hour's walk... and you really learn to tell yourself - "It's really nice to live in Paris!"  Continue Reading
January 6th
The Saint-Louis island, Île Saint-Louis, was once actually two small islands, one has been named Île Notre-Dame since the 9th century, the other, smaller one, was named Île aux Vaches, the “cow island”. Both islands were main… Continue Reading
January 2nd
I'm definitely not a hunter... I hesitated a lot before visiting, for the first time, the "Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature" (Museum of Hunting and Nature), which you can find in the Marais area. It was a nice surprise!The museum is housed in two… Continue Reading