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May 19th
A bit too busy to make a real blog-post. Here are just a few Paris pictures from this year for which I have not found any use. Continue Reading
May 15th
Yes, in the middle of the 16th arrondissement, you can have a nice green walk, completely away from traffic. We are again on the abandoned rail tracks of “La Petite Ceinture” (the Little Belt) on which I have talked a number of times, e.g. her… Continue Reading
May 12th
I really enjoy having a look behind closed doors… sometimes you are lucky and can discretely visit a nice backyard like this one. Not much to add I believe? I’m not giving the address as it’s not officially open to public. It&rsquo… Continue Reading
May 8th
I mentioned in a previous post that the water consumption per capita during the Roman times (1st to 4th centuries) in Paris, then referred to as Lutetia, was higher than today, maybe then some 250 litres against hardly 200 litres today. One reason to the … Continue Reading
May 5th
“Monet’s Garden” in Giverny (see my posts here) is certainly more known than “Renoir’s Garden” in Paris. (... and this garden is definitely less famous for its water lilies … despite the top picture.) What is ref… Continue Reading